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German – Prince – or bred As single women by SMS

SMS divorces (I’m not talking about divorce, and about cheating :)) there are many. From sending messages like “I’m in trouble, just Fund me account” to the payment of taxes on the gain by means of a message (what nonsense!). However, while in our country are naive and gullible people, scammers are preying.

Almost every day on the website CForum (the division of our content MForum’a) I read like a fascinating novel, all overgrown with new details here about this topic. Divorce is very simple — on many Dating sites some lurking firm creates accounts allegedly the Germans alone

seeking a wife. They find Russian sensin and send them this message:

Albrecht 14 January 2009 at 10:25 priwet! Moe imja Albert. mne bi ozen hotelos posnakomitsja s toboi. k sogaleniju,ja ne imeju wosmognosti bivat w i-nete:( Prizina – moja rabota. na sluzai,esli ti toge ne protiw nashego snakomstwa,ostawljaju tébé svoi koordinaty .ti wsegda smogesh napisat mne so svoego mobilnika. Chto by tvoe pismo doshlo ko mne,nugno pisat pered tekstom slowo EMDEN, Satem divide chto sahochesh. I otprawit,kak obichnoe na sms nomer 2125 (dwadzat odin dwadzat pjat).Du bist eine traum Frau)) Moechten wir uns vieleicht floeten?)) cena 89.R.P.S.hotelos bi snat twoe nastojashee imja! nadejus,ti predstawishsja mne!:) s uwageniem — Albert.

Name — not necessarily albert. There is Alex, Fabian Friedrich, Markus, Dietrich, etc. Describing myself, these “people” report that they are working on the ship (captain, mate or pilot. That family is from Russia, but because Russian know. I want to find a Russian wife and have kids and live happily ever after. Of course, what a woman his age wants to get acquainted with a foreigner with serious intentions (usually the age of “navigators” from 40 years). Pics firm usually posts some from strangers found on other Dating sites.

What’s next? Begins rapid correspondence. The firm knows what to write and how to act on a susceptible woman hungry for love. Each Text usually ends with a question — of course, drawn to answer. And so begins the SMS novel. Women laugh at SMSes at 30-80 thousand, really fall in love.

Here is what writes Rima on a forum: “that’s just an SMS from him: Kitten, I give you ice cream from the clouds, orange sun and a portion of chocolate kisses! Let us today will be the summer mood! Kiss first? And before that: the Sun, there are things that I am very afraid, suddenly you’ll see me, and say that I’m not your Prince? if this doesn’t fit your dreams? soothe me, baby. Those are the sweetest words a blueprint, girls, and for $ 100)))only”.

Agree, beautiful words. I myself at the time, went through the “SMS Roman”, when Igor pursued me after we met. Also wrote beautiful and maddening words — what woman here can resist!

Of course, personally I had doubts — that’s the connection on this ship, why before the TEXT message you have to write some kind of “EMDEN” options “WISMAR”, etc.), why doesn’t he give a real phone number (well, there he is in the ports where there is a link) or call with any vehicular Parking. But throw women not thought of. For good measure, some women even called zhivushie in Russia allegedly relatives and friends “captain” and painted, what good is this Dietrich (albert, etc.).

Here’s another quote from the forum (talks about the consequences of such “novels”): “Three days can’t sleep. We need to talk. We have to work the girl seven months corresponded with your notorious German captain. Smart, beautiful, with exceptional feminine charisma. We all the small team I was rooting for our favorite, rejoiced in her fairytale love story and waited for a happy ending. The girl worked three jobs — a nurse will not earn much (Now it is clear how much money out of it pulled this correspondence.) Literally enough sleep, eat properly, to the detriment of their son. Rejected all the many fans. Competition with manly handsome captain with photos and more in this exquisite romantic hardly anyone can withstand.

Before his arrival (it was promised for the New year) made repairs in the apartment, scored the freezer of his favorite seafood, planned excursions. Took a vacation — and he’s on his way home gets into an accident and is in serious condition in a military hospital in Africa. God (and maybe, finally, sneaking doubt) sent it to this page, where truth is known. Heartfelt and deeply honest man ever such a thing could not come. Well, that for all its romanticism, she is very strong and sober man. Such attacks can many to break.

What need to be sophisticated stuff that is so disgusting to play on feelings and dreams. And although I am not a better opinion of the male half of humanity, as a doctor with 30 years of experience, I’m sure one hundred percent — your the German captain are female. Only dirty Baba, can be so vile cunning and clever, knowing what bought women. By the way, at the beginning of our correspondence, the girl called the twin sister of captain and told her wonderful unhappy brother, and how he needs a female animatii, love, etc. I think these things should be a criminal offence. Providing conditions for phonies, should be outlawed. So what, join the numbers and goes ” no. Always specialist can calculate PC over IP, and, therefore, the owner. Our friend won’t be alone and will try to return the money — too painful and embarrassing. Easier to just forget. But be cursed three times that(that), nauseosa on someone else’s misfortune”.

Strong post and add essentially nothing. So it turns out — after a long correspondence “lovers” make an appointment. German promises to come, and there were cases when girls bought tickets and did a visa to Germany. But then — of misfortune! On the way to the airport handsome gets into an accident and gets stuck in a hospital somewhere in Africa. But then disappears. It is here that often ladies and climb to the Internet in search of some information about their favorite and most often come across sites with the description of a divorce. Many women reached even to program “Wait for me” rather its forum. If you now ask search some German name on the forum, you will see a bunch of ladies, seeking their Albertov and Dietrich and believing that the whole love story was true. Known history of — when this forum first came across two “favorite” one “captain”. Started a massacre, ladies argued with each other, one of them he loves, who wrote more frequently and more beautiful. And visitors wondered ” why would the German “talking to” several women. Later everything became clear.

Many initially think that this is some real German sitting and preying on the gullible. But we need to understand — it was just the company, leading an idiotic business. After knowing that you a few months corresponded with the operator service SMS flirt and love a non-existent person, many comes hysteria, end of the world, wanting to die. And not only “love” sorry, but huge amounts of money, you know.

Another quote from Yanusya: “the Girls so I stepped just awful.6months.ago broke up with a guy and then he-Dietrich! Still cannot recover!When stumbled on your site a little heart hurt!wrote 2 months PA5 SMS per day !Tomorrow will go to the office to operator! I want to cry!Nothing is sacred in people for no soul! kiel 2125. ”

At the forum a lot of tips to try to return the money — there is even an example of a letter of requirements to the service provider. In fact, can return the money, because women provide a paid service type-SMS-flirt, they didn’t sign up. Accordingly, to remove the money for it was illegal. But in fact few people return the money. In reality, the operators respond that they say, write SMS you didn’t have to, all your problems. The fact of sending SMS to the short number — it is already your consent to the use of the service, and the rules of the service are published on the websites of content providers in the form of the public offer. In General, the failure of the operator is also quite valid. Further it is necessary only to prove that you have not agreed to any services, content providers, and the number was sent to you by fraudsters as a room for personal correspondence. But not the fact that it will help. Contacting the police is also really nothing. The guards ask again — “they Themselves wrote? No one forced? Price SMS knew? Then why you crying?”. But if the case is taken and then to find the company is almost impossible.

This is the case. Do not get fooled by the hype, my friends.