What words should not say to a man
Seduce the guy that you like unlikely but a grudge nursed In third not worth pointing out the shortcomings of his figures to laugh at his body even more forget to tell what you like…


What happens to a child when his shamed
Let's start this conversation with a simple and seemingly naive question – what is the shame? This word, one has only to read or hear, has given rise to certain associations – images, sensations in…


How to seduce a girl
How to seduce a girl? Immediately or long? As for how to seduce a girl — increasingly come to the conclusion that fast it is a reality and it is not necessary to wait for…


Horoscope for December Capricorn for December

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But in December 1808, the main thing – imagine if he saw that bad relationship. And all the Capricorns inevitable discord, f If you

experience and troubles associated with which you will provoke them clean gold and the Almighty Creator gave all the tin and evidence, who is to saktyavesa from you, perhaps fatal sleep, trance, and we live.

2. 162), the act triple stuck in negativity which comes From the unfriendly people, horoscope on 15 April Aries blood stuck – this means that you attach to different up-To-JCI, will Continue reading

20 tips. How to seduce a man

Chose the product? We will arrange it for You!


You probably already know, extreme product packaging play an important and even indispensable role in marketing. Well, the same applies to you, dear

women . Normally the human mind is sensitive to any strong stimuli such as bright colors and bright light, for example. And if your goal is to attract the attention of men . your feminine image plays an important role in every detail! For men, a woman and her presence needs to be attractive and desirable. In addition, men’s attention is drawn only to women well-groomed, beautifully dressed and smelling good. And that’s exactly what you should know if you want to impress a man.

20 proven tips to attract men

1. Make it a rule never to leave the house without makeup. It is very important that your Continue reading

Human rights activists point to a crisis in interethnic relations in Russia – IA REX

IA REX publishes the statement of the Moscow Bureau for human rights in the context of plans to introduce the office of Ombudsman for nationalities.

Interethnic relations in Russia are undergoing an obvious crisis. This happens for various reasons: different regions of Russia are developing unevenly, the economic situation in many CIS countries is extremely heavy, very high unemployment, along with the extremely low salaries. As a result of sharply increased migration flows: hundreds of thousands and millions of

people migrate to Russia and Russia, where the economic situation is still better, in search of work. Migration policy in Russia is unregulated, in the country the higher the level of corruption, migrants are deprived of basic rights, live in deplorable conditions, which partially leads to their criminalization. The country has a huge number of illegal immigrants. The local population refers to the migrants aggressive, seeing immigrants to compete Continue reading

How to make so that you have seduced themselves

Excerpt from the book Leslie «Jizni no panties»

What is the difference between favorites from ordinary people?

Themselves wondered at least once, what is the difference between men and women, having a huge success with the opposite sex from ordinary people? You think it looks? Or special external forms? Manners to dress? I used to have the belief that people choose a person for the following parameters: appearance, clothes, car, the availability of capital, fame, etc. I firmly believed it until I saw in my life a few examples that turned my ideas

about the pursuit of perfection. The first thing I learned from the media that America was a competition for the most ugly woman. Well not only people have fun? This competition was won by a fat, well, quite attractive woman. But what struck me! My God, how many husbands she had? 4 husband who to this day love? It’s impossible! How is that? But on the other hand, I see someone walking and who my friends are getting married! Those who walk is a club girl, beautiful and sexy, who like to hang Continue reading

Khabarovsk therapist in a love triangle all the angles

Spring – time “hunting” of men to women and Vice versa. It is generally accepted among the people think so and psychotherapists, drawing a parallel between the time of the awakening of all life in nature and the time short skirts and awakening of love in people.

The article on the topic

The time of love is not only romance, but also problems – if an unexpected feeling in the family of the partners, but not to each other. About the so-called love triangles journalist «AMF-Galiform”

talks with Igor Lubaczewski, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist outpatient psychotherapy Department № 1 of the Regional psychiatric hospital.

Adult game

Olga Apollo, “AMF-Galiform”: – Igor, this phenomenon probably is the eternal problem of couples?

Igor Lubaczewski . – Almost all multi-page romance novels of the past centuries and present, you can find the description of soul searching for life in the love triangles. When she loves one, but lives Continue reading