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How to make so that you have seduced themselves

Excerpt from the book Leslie «Jizni no panties»

What is the difference between favorites from ordinary people?

Themselves wondered at least once, what is the difference between men and women, having a huge success with the opposite sex from ordinary people? You think it looks? Or special external forms? Manners to dress? I used to have the belief that people choose a person for the following parameters: appearance, clothes, car, the availability of capital, fame, etc. I firmly believed it until I saw in my life a few examples that turned my ideas

about the pursuit of perfection. The first thing I learned from the media that America was a competition for the most ugly woman. Well not only people have fun? This competition was won by a fat, well, quite attractive woman. But what struck me! My God, how many husbands she had? 4 husband who to this day love? It’s impossible! How is that? But on the other hand, I see someone walking and who my friends are getting married! Those who walk is a club girl, beautiful and sexy, who like to hang out. And fall one after the other in girls who have completely different qualities!

The second example, one of my very good friend. It was a long time ago. I met him at the 1st year of University, when I was very young. It looks like is not clear on that! He looks old, bald and wrinkled! But what an amazing success it has in women? LTD. I saw women requested a meeting with him and he rejected them. Then about the women he rejected, I could only dream of! Now I understand entirely, different person-a gift, a prize, from the person usual!

When we meet with the person they want is that often we do? Trying to please! Trying to make us notice. Trying to please the man. And it was missing! This is a big mistake! Who is the PRIZE? In this situation? You? NO, you’re fighting for attention, for approval, etc. resulting from not you the Prize for the man, and he for you!

Therefore, always think: What am I doing to make people want to draw me? What can I do to ensure that he wanted to fight for me? Even if you know nothing, think so. It will be very good!


If a girl tells me: “We will that, have sex at your house?” .

I say, “Look at your behavior. It still needs to be earned. I don’t like rushing into things!”.

A lot of people!

A successful person always has its own requirements for people. He’s always eyeing the man with whom it communicates. He will never rush at the opportunity to talk, to get love or sex! By default, all people want to be with you. Everyone wants to sleep with you and have a relationship. And always show the person that you will not talk, sleep, meet him / her, if it doesn’t meet your high standards! And they should be! You should always know what’s COOL and what’s NOT. And deviate from their principles are not going! Because it’s NOT COOL!

Will people think you’re too picky.

I have one friend. He’s a real snob. He thumbed his nose because of the girls smoke. “What did I do, why do you punish me? Why are you ruining my health and smoke beside me?”, – he says. The women he rejected, they say he’s a snob! But those whom he chooses – the best of the best, and they try to satisfy his high standards.

Always be at ease. It concerns the stage of exploring and visits to sex.

The mistake many people! Many people, when they want to motivate people, you begin to adjust to the reality of the person they want to be liked! For example, my friend Lena told me that she met a very interesting young man who has a large and rich family! And he invited her to Europe for a residence of his parents, where friends will be with him. She went with him. “I felt like Cinderella in his Kingdom,” — told me she.

One friend told me that she met a girl who invited him on a first date at a birthday party for a friend! When Max came for my birthday, he didn’t know a single person there besides her. And she knew all! And received from all a lot of attention. The question is, who here’s the prize? Of course she is! And he was forced not only to PLEASE others, but to FIGHT for her attention!

Why waste your strength?

Plus – to pass the initiative Dating bad! Because you do not have the ability to control the situation. And for men it is absolutely unacceptable. Men should always lead the women. But women can afford to have a clever control over a man, to do so, he THOUGHT he manages the situation. Guru always feel at ease! Always GURU around familiar people, the people who already love, and they do not need to win. This creates a certain attitude of any person who is adjudged to be in your party, your rules, your world! YOU’re in the spotlight! Often in our crowd of young people take his new girlfriend, and the girls have a new friend. And we often help a person to feel like a prize. Give him more attention than all the other members of the party. Bringing his passion itself begins to fight for the PRIZE!

I love going to the cinema and theatres. I love to roller skate. Enjoy yourself as you like. Without giving away the initiative in the hands of another person.

Example. Call.

Hi. Masha?

– Yes.

– Masha, do you have videos?

– No, I don’t ride!

And, very sorry! Wanted to invite you to ride. And no bike?

– No.

OK, I went riding one, it was nice to hear from you, call me!

Throw the phone. Boom. Without waiting for an answer. After half an hour of the call.

– Hi Alex. This Is Masha!

“I already left, I can’t right now (show that I’m not ready to score on their entertainment for her). Can just 4 hours! Until then I will be very busy. Going to roller skate.

– Well, come on in 4 hours.

– Waiting at 8 on Fridays in Uptown!

This is the place where all the bartenders, the waiters know me and love me!

– Okay, okay!

So remember. If you want to be a pet that you fought, the prize – feel at ease and drive the man in your world, and don’t go to him.

In Israel. Met a girl! She was not interested in me. And I decided to throw her a call. I said, “Even if you really wanted to, you wouldn’t have to seduce and make me!” . This phrase has been influenced by a trigger. I don’t think she was aware of his actions. But on an unconscious level, I felt, she began to flirt with me. As a result we had a very good time. I was teasing her. It is so warm that I started messing with me, fighting and scratching me! Hot! After a few minutes we were already in bed!

Even easier for women to provoke guys! The man is much better responds to the challenge! My friend told the guy: “I don’t fall in love with men!”, — after which his head was earned in the right direction!

Another example of a good call.

I sister of my friend: “You won’t be able to seduce me until then, until you bring the brother’s consent in writing!”.

And she became so interested that she forgot about everything!

Not risica – be vulnerable.

Many people, when you meet the PRIZE draw. Pretend they’re perfect. Sometimes it catches the eye, it becomes clear that “so, she wants me to like him.” And, of course, now I don’t want to have to fight for her attention. Now I feel like I’m the PRIZE! Cheers. I am pleased. But do I want it? She’s not a Prize for me now. And not as interesting as could be!

What to do? Remember the end of Comedy “In jazz only girls”.