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spinning, ice fishing, flashers, ice screws, gear NORFIN

Experienced angler, expert consultant “RIBOLOV-SERVIS”

Born July 11, 1957.

I was born in a military family in the Estonian town of Paldiski. Three years later his father was transferred to serve in the Latvian city of Liepaja. The house in which we lived was on the coast of the Baltic sea. I was always drawn to the sea, and the most part of time I spent on the

beach, playing with peers: we collected amber, ancient coins, and, of course, fishing. Tackle we then had homemade.

The first real lessons on fishing the father has given me. An avid angler in his spare time he caught the fish or the sea from the pier, or on the channel, which is also close to home. He went fishing on nearby lakes and rivers.

Together with him we caught flounder and eels from Navy pier. To throw the spinning rod, retractable back then I couldn’t, but sometimes I was instructed to draw out klyunuvshih flounder. Sometimes helped to catch bream in the canal – it was my responsibility to bring a bucket of bait to the pond. Fishing occurred in zabrocky, and since I was small, to go into the water I was banned — could carry over.

Father allowed me to catch their own fish small float rod. At the time I was preparing to go to school in the first grade. Under the close supervision of his father, in the sea from the pier, I caught the bait of large perch. With friends we often ran to the canal, where also pecked this beautiful and strong fish. Perch and now my favorite fish to catch which I’m still not liking it.

Father was demobilized, and the family moved to a quiet suburban town of Pushkin, where I went to the second grade. In this city flows the river Serebryanka. I got lucky again: we began to live near the pond and all free time I spent there with a fishing rod. Even in winter, in extreme cold, when school stopped, I managed to escape on a fishing trip, though, time almost froze his hands.

I grew up, I wanted something new. Started to learn the predator fishing on spinning. Dad had spinning rods, but first I made myself independently. At the time, for 1 ruble in the fishing shop you could buy a small Odnokolenko bamboo fishing rod, which due to the small length was called the nursery. I chose the thickest rods and altered in their spinning rods. Twisted wire trace of the ring, master of the handle. The coils were only inertia and required certain skills of fishing. Remember, each caught a pike noted on the form of spinning, causing him stars, on the principle of downed aircraft, painted in war pilots. Then I caught on spoons, often improvised (except the famous “Atom”). Quality purchase spinner baits was terrible, and to catch them was problematic.

To make fishing lures made life, the assortment was very limited. Had to find foreign magazines, catalogs, in which he caught fishing tackle and bait, trying to make them yourself, using the picture.

One day, I did a very good spinner, it was a turning point in my life, and I finally began to catch only on spinning. Instantly infected by his passion for friends – so many groupers and jacks I began to bring from the river. Friends began to go and the next suburban reservoir and the river, where he caught almost all predatory fish species that is found in the suburbs. Hitchhiking went to other more distant waters, until the Rybinsk reservoir.

At the time I was excited about finding an independent manufacturer and new lures. His first lure I made a wooden Linden, modeled from the foreign directory, even remember the name of Flatfish. Most interesting is that this crooked makeshift wooden bait well for a long time caught a pike. Then the lure gets caught on a snag.

Improved tackle, ushering in the era of foam. But jigging lures I always liked less – not visible attacks pike on a lure, and you will always want to see the predator reacts to the filing. Often went on peatlands in Northern suburbs, it is possible, therefore, like to catch a pike in the coastal grass.

At the recent time someone showed me an incomprehensible foreign bait, it subsequently received the name of the balancer. Such baits we had and what it was was a mystery. At your own risk, tying her for “back”, tested in the pool. Soon, in one of the Finnish publications, I found a picture with a description of the fishing, and all at once became clear. Made a copy – immediately began to fish for pike from the ice, made the sample less – began to catch big perch. One of the first articles about this bait were written by me and published in journals such as “Fisherman” and “the Fisher Elite” yet, probably in 1996.

Since then, one of my favorite lures steel balancers. I continued to conduct various experiments, making their game all the elements, changed the rhythm, wiring speed and pause time. Also offered their own versions of equipment hanging tee, a lot of experimenting with the design of a nod. For fishing in shallow water, I proposed to use the balancers of the front hook, flattened down. After that several companies have even implemented the production of such models.

In the winter, in addition to fishing on the balancer, I did not stop to fish and lures. Several times participated in competitions in winter sports baubles, including the championship of Moscow, on the Nicholas Cup him. At the time of the competition trolling was carried out by zones, in a confined space that was not to my liking. That changed on him the Cup, in 1996, where the rules had been revolutionary changes – the first time the teams had the opportunity to move freely around the pond in search of fish. These rules immediately liked athletes and have since been adopted.

The first places at competitions I didn’t take, but the three winners were hit repeatedly. In General engaged in sport fishing not long: in order to achieve high results in sport fishing need to spend a lot more time to practice, often to the detriment of main job, to communicate with family. Sport took a lot of effort. To bring the fish caught in the competition, the athletes are not accepted. I’m all Pets have long been accustomed to fresh fish, and every time I come back from sport fishing is empty, catching himself sidelong glances home. So gradually out of the sport I left after being there only a couple of years.

Another passion for me was fishing tackles. Together with a friend-Fisher Sergei Telesym, we developed a new method of fishing on these fishing hooks – fishing for predatory fish in shallow water, where the depth under the ice is 30 cm or Even great classic L. P. Sabaneyev, in his book “the Life and catching freshwater fish” didn’t pee or anything like that. We have developed a technology correctly install garlic, accurate measurement of depth and ways of nozzles of different bait fish. There was an article written and even filmed a short film about this catch. Soon they began to fish for pike everywhere, from the Rybinsk reservoir to the Lower Volga in the West and the East.

Seeing as after that winter has become a great “stand out” pike, I stopped to catch this way, and describe the techniques of fishing in the articles several times refused to shoot in fishing gear. I grew up as a new “disciples”, which starred instead of me.

One of the first I learned to catch walleye on a Chubby Darter lures. There were days when no pecking, and only this bait helped to catch a scoring fanged.

I learned to fish using a Vexilar flasher, and so accustomed to fishing with this device, and it already don’t feel comfortable on the ice. Thanks Vexilar learned a lot about the habits of fish, and even learned by their behavior to determine their “attitude”. Wrote several articles on the flashers, to me this topic was consecrated only American and canadian fishermen.

Any new bait is very interesting to me, all you want to experience and try, to pick the correct model, the key to successfully feed the fish. On all fishing exhibitions looking for new products and always buy my favorite exotic.

In the summer most of all I love to fish for pike spinning lures in zabrocky. For me, this kind of hunting. Capture each pike take great satisfaction, because I was able to outsmart her completely tasteless artificial bait. What great role in the success played by the correct wiring!

In the winter, as stated above, I love catching predatory fish on spinners, rockers and other artificial lures. Albeit sometimes it happens that the number of fish caught is not that great, but how valuable that a sudden and sharp bite when after hooking resistance worthy opponent on the other end thin fishing line!