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Human rights activists point to a crisis in interethnic relations in Russia – IA REX

IA REX publishes the statement of the Moscow Bureau for human rights in the context of plans to introduce the office of Ombudsman for nationalities.

Interethnic relations in Russia are undergoing an obvious crisis. This happens for various reasons: different regions of Russia are developing unevenly, the economic situation in many CIS countries is extremely heavy, very high unemployment, along with the extremely low salaries. As a result of sharply increased migration flows: hundreds of thousands and millions of

people migrate to Russia and Russia, where the economic situation is still better, in search of work. Migration policy in Russia is unregulated, in the country the higher the level of corruption, migrants are deprived of basic rights, live in deplorable conditions, which partially leads to their criminalization. The country has a huge number of illegal immigrants. The local population refers to the migrants aggressive, seeing immigrants to compete for jobs and almost "occupiers". And in the conditions of aggressive xenophobia in Russia, a massive nationalist propaganda on the Internet, relationships between different ethnic groups only escalated, leading to an outdoor mass conflicts. Any household episode, whether it's a drunken brawl in a restaurant, or a fight of football fans who can stir up ethnic conflict. The frequency and scale of conflicts is growing, as evidenced by the events in different regions of the country.

To overcome this situation it is necessary to implement a range of measures in various fields: legal, immigration, education, activities of local authorities.

Plans on the introduction of an Ombudsman for nationalities is designed in the spirit of recent years, when, in addition to the chief Ombudsman and the regional ombudsmen, added a “functional” ombudsmen on key issues of human rights in different areas: child protection, on business. It is expected that the Ombudsman for nationalities will report directly to the President and will report to him about the interethnic situation in the country.

According to the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Affairs of nationalities of Hajimeta Safaraliyev . for the post of Commissioner for nationalities shall be elected a person who knows the problems of all regions of the country, “internationalist to the core” who knows “mentality, history and religion of different Nations”. He will be obliged to find solutions to national conflicts in various regions to look for an individual approach to emerging situations, and most importantly, to respond quickly to them: “the Council on Affairs of nationalities can be collected say, once a year, while the Ombudsman will always have access to the President and to react quickly, solve the problem along the way. In their position he would have some independence and freedom, or he will not be able to give an objective assessment of the situation. In many regions are created domestic policy, monitored internal and external migration, the Ombudsman have someone and something to work with. His phone will be presented in the regions, the people of the Ombudsman are obliged to respond to emerging conflicts on the ground, one can’t cope with this work from Moscow, we have a big country”.

Interestingly, as one of the candidates to the post of Ombudsman considers himself Safaraliev (as another candidate called presidential adviser on culture Vladimir Tolstoy ), but he argues that he did not see himself in this position, and in the case of such proposals will refuse.

As is usually the case in the evaluations of similar posts, opinions on their efficacy differ. So, the General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin doubt that one person will be able to cope with this global problem, as inter-ethnic relations and in conflict on this ground: “When the Ombudsman of the business or Affairs of nationalities, it is clear that this man will always be extreme. How one man can solve the problems of many nationalities and regulate the conflicts that already exist and will only multiply, it is an open question. Such a person should be very authoritative political heavyweight who is used to arbitrate”.

In any case, the work of the Ombudsman for ethnic relations remains daunting. This is evidenced by many recent conflicts, the host very often ethnic coloration. News of such conflicts come from different regions of Russia:

— another ethnic conflict occurred in the Astrakhan region — in the new converged Kazakhs and Chechens. Both parties something not shared during get-togethers at a local café, in the end — one person died and two others are in hospital;

— the conflict between fans «Spartacus” and young Chechens in the area at the Kiev station in Moscow ended with a shooting and a stabbing. Both sides used the traumatic and edged weapons.

— the conflict between the inhabitants of the Kirov settlement Damyanovo and natives from the North Caucasus almost turned into a mass brawl. According to the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs, “about 50 local residents gathered at the sawmill for the showdown. The sawmill, located a kilometer away from the principal residence was cordoned off by law enforcement officials. When you try to break through a cordon, one of the locals struck with a metal bar on the shield of a police officer. To prevent the attack, two police officers fired shots in the air”. Confrontation have been contained by the evening. However, in the subsequent night burned belonging to the citizen of Azerbaijan wooden house, used as a café-bar, where a quarrel arose, which caused further conflict. As a result of fire wood building sizes 10×15 m was completely destroyed. According to the preliminary version, the cause of the fire — arson. The tension in the village managed to remove only with a great effort. And although the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh said that the causes of conflict between residents of Demianova with dozens of natives of the Caucasus there is no national basis, for residents is obvious this version;

— in Kislovodsk was a conflict on the basis of domestic quarrels. It began with the theft of one of the merchants in Kislovodsk Park. In the ensuing fight was attended by representatives of different nationalities. As a result of fighting two people died;

— in one of settlements of Vyborg district, the security forces, with difficulty prevented serious ethnic conflict. There, the local population turned against the workers-Asians working at the local farm — as it turned out, illegal. Residents have long endured and that for strangers they “squeeze” from the factory, and that the migrants began to set there own rules. But after he was brutally beaten and raped a 45-year-old local resident in the village began to Mature public revolt. Residents gathered for a spontaneous rally with the requirement to verify compliance with immigration laws, and to take control over a criminal case of rape. The law enforcement officers quickly detained the suspect in the crime — they have been previously convicted 30-year-old native of Uzbekistan’s Sanjar Rustamov, who lived in Leningrad region, without registration. He’s already confessed to the crime. At the same time, security forces detained several dozen illegal immigrants at a local chicken farm.

Finally, another disturbing message came on the other day: mass brawl Gypsies and Russians occurred in the Samara region. In the village Certovka Kinel-the Cherkassk area the barn caught fire near one of houses owned by a female Gypsy. After a while the flames spread to the bath, situated on the adjoining site. Arrived on the scene outfit fire brigade proceeded to extinguish the fire, starting with a bath. Because of this, between families living in the nearby areas sparked the conflict that developed into a fight, during which members of the Roma nationality fired several shots from a traumatic weapons. According to local Agency “the Samara Region”, in a fight that ensued after the fire, was attended by 250 people. According to a local resident, Roma went on the attack with sticks, iron rods, bricks and firearms in the hands. To stop the mass slaughter managed after the arrival of the head of the Roma community and the police. As a result of the conflict in Kinel-Cherkasskiy rayon Central hospital were delivered: a woman with a bruised lip and in a state of alcoholic intoxication, a man with a gunshot wound from a traumatic weapons; chief of the fire Department who came to extinguish the fire, with diagnoses of “bruised chest” and “injury of the ankle joint”.

Although during the inspection found that the ethnic conflict in this incident is not seen, this story once again shows how sometimes the most absurd reasons may be very dangerous apparent conflict with ethnic overtones.

Director of the Moscow Bureau for human rights Alexander Brod . “All of these events, and, most importantly, their increasing number, are extremely worrying. In such a multinational country like ours, with its difficult socio-economic situation, there may be countless conflicts on different occasions. And every such conflict can result in great bloodshed. And the Ombudsman for nationalities will have to quickly look for solutions in all these cases”.