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20 tips. How to seduce a man

Chose the product? We will arrange it for You!


You probably already know, extreme product packaging play an important and even indispensable role in marketing. Well, the same applies to you, dear

women . Normally the human mind is sensitive to any strong stimuli such as bright colors and bright light, for example. And if your goal is to attract the attention of men . your feminine image plays an important role in every detail! For men, a woman and her presence needs to be attractive and desirable. In addition, men’s attention is drawn only to women well-groomed, beautifully dressed and smelling good. And that’s exactly what you should know if you want to impress a man.

20 proven tips to attract men

1. Make it a rule never to leave the house without makeup. It is very important that your face always had a fresh look, with a healthy colour and a light blush. Just a light touch powder puff with powder, smear mascara and lip gloss to look attractive.

2. Don’t forget the manicure and pedicure. Dirty or chipped nails are virtual crime for which you will be punished! For many men, well-groomed hands are a measure of the elegance and sophistication of a woman. In addition, men instinctively follow the movements of the hands. You can use this knowledge to attract a person’s attention for the better part of your body.

3. Wear long, loose hair. Long and flowing hair has always been associated with femininity. And when you are talking with a man who is dear to you and which you want to attain, don’t forget to play with your hair while talking, twirling them around her finger. Avoid greasy unwashed hair. Your hair should always look healthy, clean, shiny and emit a pleasant fragrance.

4. Regular removal of superfluous hair. Follow the shape of the eyebrows, do not be lazy to podsobyat even the barely visible hairs, and no visible moustache. Take care of your armpits, be careful not regrown hair in this area. Remember, bristly and hairy legs are disgusting men, because maintain the skin of your legs in perfect condition, may they always be as smooth as silk.

5. A light touch of good spirits. Better if it’s unique and rare spirits, let this fragrance will belong only to you and you will be able to learn. Don’t overdo it with perfume. The woman should radiate light, airy fragrance and does not smell like a perfume shop.

6. Treat yourself to a regular beauty treatments. Not have to visit expensive salons, you can do it at home. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to take a bath with a beautifully smelling essential oils. Don’t forget about creams. Skin care of the face and hands skin – your duty to the end of the day, if you want to be attractive.

7. The style and quality of your clothes. In order to attract the attention of men a woman should dress fashionable, stylish and elegant. Remember: “clothes make the man…” It’s an instant stamp in the brain of men that you have a good (or bad) taste. Besides the first impression virtually decides whether you noticed or not. And you know, not always the most expensive means style and elegance.

8. Look feminine. Beautiful, soft, gentle. Whatever your look, be it the style of the 50-ies “fluffy kitten”, or seksbomba, or Bohemian. Remember that you should always look feminine – even in the office. By the way, the boss man is not interested in the “robot”, he’s interested in an attractive woman who is also a professional. To dress stylish and look more feminine, try wearing dresses or skirts and not shorts or pants. In addition, to look sexy, but stylish, the hem of your dress or skirt should not be above the knee, especially if you have a large gap between the legs. And don’t forget that your clothing and shoes should always be in perfect condition.

9. Wear tights with a seam or stockings. This is also a time-proven method for attracting the attention of men. Let throughout the day, in his imagination will be a picture of your legs in stockings, and he dreams of you.

10. To exercise regularly. At least 30 minute walk every day, and light exercises allow you to stay slim and make your body toned. In addition, for many men, the most attractive part of the female figure are her buttocks, so don’t forget about it.

11. Healthy sleep and regular rest. Be sure to find time for a full sleep not less than 8 hours a day. And don’t neglect the rest, gather with friends on picnics, go for a walk in the fresh air at the city Park, or simply allow yourself a day to luxuriate in the cozy atmosphere of the house.

12. Keep move freely and gracefully. Elegant ladies should be able to move, sit and stand properly and easily. You probably noticed that some women really fall into a chair like a sack. Do you really think that men do not notice? Even as notice! So, keep your back straight when standing, and even if you sit in a comfortable chair. Your back should be flat against the chair and his chin slightly raised proudly. Gait should be light, from the hip, slightly shaking her hips. Graceful movements impart you femininity and attract men.

13. Your eyes and smile. As for your opinion, if you want to attract the attention of men, stop your gaze, looking him straight in the eyes for about five seconds to ignite the spark. This feminine look is the most sexy for men and causes the flame! Your sensitivity should also be shown in tone of your voice.

14. Men of high status attract women with a quiet, calm nature and sense of dignity. The woman who holds himself elegantly, looks noble. To be a lady, sitting next to the knight. A loud voice is also not good. And you should know her worth and to present themselves accordingly.

15. Other qualities that create a perfect feminine appearance and attract the attention of men – beautiful manners. Think, what you say and do. Don’t forget the rules of etiquette.

16. Trust and reliability. Try to make sure that the man considered in you that you are a reliable and trustworthy woman. Rarely it can play fake, usually men feel it on an intuitive level. Commendable, if inside you it comes naturally.

17.Watch your body. Figure of a woman attracts a man more than a beautiful face or a beautiful dress. In addition, it goes without saying that the overall appearance greatly plays a big role to attract the attention of men.

18. Learn to love and respect yourself. The woman that knows her worth, respects, appreciates and loves himself, will always be loved and respected man. Do not forget that actually it is very important to attract the attention of men.

19. To be convincing in your value. Remember, people give their attention and preference to the woman, not only because he is attracted to her and interested in her, but also because he becomes a fan of her personality and character. He makes sure that he will benefit from the fact that he is with her!

20. To believe in yourself. Inside you have the potential and strength to you throughout your journey to attract the attention of men, and in the end all the way to the altar!