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Overcoming the force, trying to discover all the possibilities of strip aerobics. I count calories and green. Before serving dishes on the table, the leaves are usually detected during a routine medical examination. So tea…


Human rights activists point to a crisis in interethnic relations in Russia - IA REX
IA REX publishes the statement of the Moscow Bureau for human rights in the context of plans to introduce the office of Ombudsman for nationalities. Interethnic relations in Russia are undergoing an obvious crisis. This…


Questions to the experts
An expert spinning, ice fishing, flashers, ice screws, gear NORFIN Experienced angler, expert consultant "RIBOLOV-SERVIS" Born July 11, 1957. I was born in a military family in the Estonian town of Paldiski. Three years later…



Sex or to get to know Blondyсandy Wellness

Pending sex as a manifestation of the seriousness of

I received a letter from a reader with the question of when to begin an intimate relationship with a man that «nothing to spoil». So, a letter:

Dating from before bed.

«Hello, Kate! It would be interesting to know your opinion about what we need to pause between Dating and sexual relationships? One day, a week,

a month? And it may be worth «pickling» even longer? But if a man is persistent?

But if in your body and soul, he found a response and you can’t wait? Is it worth it to force yourself to struggle with physiology?

And does the deferral period at the end of a relationship? I mean, the result of which we are all secretly dream Continue reading

Errors “strong” women


Continuing the theme about female weakness. I will list the main bugs that make “strong” women.

The word “strong” I take it in quotation marks, because no such power exists in the world, someone who could stop it. Women often interferes not power, and the fact that they are taking.

I will try to explain by examples. (Examples until you deal with marriage and relate to just novels).

Error 1. “Take unceremoniously”

Often women think that to take the initiative is the power, and passively wait for the initiative from each other is a weakness. So when they invite themselves somewhere a man or persistently give him to understand that they like it, they think they behave like strong women. And when a man begins to flirt and set conditions, such women sigh “well, I was too strong, and therefore he became weak and then they give advice to other Continue reading

How to get a guy

Want to be happy — be it!

How to bring the boy back if he dumped you?

Most of the girls intend normal”>ex-boyfriend back after breaking up . As we ladies do this? Usually start phoning and asking: “Why are you not calling?”, even though I heard that it was clearly told: “I quit”. Another flourishes – SMSes with the question: “How?”. If this came the reply: “Normal”, we get angry, because we see the interest in communication no. If no response

signal — tink, then write it again: “What? Difficult word to write. ” All this is so commonplace, happens to almost everyone. And most importantly: no one works.

How to get the guy you love?

Before giving advice on specific actions, I propose Continue reading