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A plan to find a husband. Prescription how to get married. Strategy how to create a family.

How to find a husband? Well, I don’t know, maybe, he again hid behind the sofa? Or get on the wrong bus, came to the middle of nowhere and now is unable to properly explain?

Okay, okay, it’s not about that. Will not talk about her husband that disappeared, and that which is still to be found and who will need to

present this honorary title. The chance to stumble on it somewhere by accident are not very large, although there is (where people not only get to know!). But today we will talk about the rules targeted search.

How to find a husband? The first thing that comes to mind is to look for! Consider an analogy with hunting and hunters. Yes, we women for centuries specialized in gathering berries, parenting and care about the hearth. But after all for anybody not a secret that we also know how to cast nets and traps. And nobody says that we have no chance to find love. Just spend themselves in vain will not. So what do we know about hunting?

Some girls think to look for her husband ashamed that he, himself, had the dream to appear, but even in the story and need to the ball to go and understand where and how crystal Shoe to lose, so he found You. First we must see men, to consider them carefully. All.

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Real hunters know the characteristics and habits of the animal and its habitat. If they want to catch the prey, then learn all the ropes, not to spend time in vain. So, what is your “beast”? What the man you see next to him? What is it for you? It is a rich cool male or modest scientist? This valiant athlete or you had the little cutie? Maybe it’s caring “daddy” for you or your future children? Or do you just need someone who can care for? What is it? Better than you will imagine what you want, the easier it will be to understand where to look.

Having defined the form of the “beast”, we can begin to explore its habitat and habits: where he goes, where he works, eats, than interested. In General, the more information the better. Need to find a place where you could get with him.. Museum, fitness club, shop, theater? Yes anywhere. It can be even open the door to the restaurant. So it was in a movie – the woman purposefully walked a few blocks behind the man, only to then effectively to appear before him. And he thought that he had noticed her first when she opened her door. And remember about this meeting all life. Had she confessed to him about it only in old age. That’s it!

It is important to expand your search, deleting from the list the desired qualities are optional. It is important to train hard and ugly and slightly married and friends and men are not your type. Do not expect that he would fall for the sullen face and silent beauty. Smile, look with interest, ask a stupid question about the weather or ask for help. Give him a chance – it is also as You are afraid of failure.

The next point – it is important to know which lady he needs. This item is in tune with our first. If your hero is fundamentally important to fill their belly, you are more likely to win his heart, if you cook well (and if the mother in his honour, we can see her Receptie). If he needs a fairy, it will impress dresses air and touching flapping eyelashes. And someone just needs a beautiful doll. And so the list goes on. And here, may have to decide whether you are ready to depict something that you simply could pratiti? If everything is OK, then the desired features will need to demonstrate mandatory (the probability that he will see them, small, just like in the case of superiors and subordinates). And understand that even if you are seven spans in a forehead and a very fine woman rare — none of that will matter if he needs a woman of a different type, and it’s not in you. He may be crazy about you, but this does not mean that it is for you to marry. He is the image of the wife he needs and your goal – to match it. And about the motives we will not speak.

It is important not to cling to him as the last resort, and look at it as another trainer to train to marry a male. And Lucy IMT several machines simultaneously. And don’t rush love let marry.

In the end, you too, are looking for what you need. We all seek.

How to find a husband? I have recently read information about finding a husband and psycho people: schizoids, asteroidi, asteniky etc (what a name, huh?). It was quite amusing. You may also use this information, because people have one psycho has similarities and preferences. Of course, adjusted for each individual case. For example, the schizoid is important that the spouse knew of his problems, shared his life goals and values, and steroidi appreciate stability, etc. See how much you support?

About beauty I will not say, because we’ve all seen hot guys near modest girls, when you look at where thought, “And what does he see in her?”. Then something found. Although good appearance – it is always a bonus. But not a sentence.

Hunters know how to catch the beast. And us such knowledge does not hurt. The ability to communicate and achieve their had never disappointed. This even teach. Men other. And know how to communicate with them is as important as knowing which buttons to press on the washing machine. No matter how smart and wonderful we are, we still don’t know everything. Right? Though the horizons become wider.

Well, last. What is supposed to follow after gathering all the necessary information? Correctly, the action. The purpose I see in myself believe. Even experienced hunters don’t always come home with the loot, but what they then give up? They say that before the retreat, you have to try 50 times J. This means that you have 50 attempts. And you know what I think? It seems to me that after 50 time something happens, but then you will be clear, whether it is to you.

And then I have to get another 50 attempts. Referring to separation not as a tragedy but as a new round of the game. Learn to listen and hear. Learn to flirt, to escape, to get lost and to be back again, to tease and to give hope. Play with him like a cat with a mouse, not to blindly fall in love, as durra. Love is only in the movies helps to achieve reciprocity.

Finishing our conversation about how to find a husband, to summarize:

To identify the object.

To study its habits and habitat.

Learn about what kind of wife he needs.

To act.

He must not think that You have it making. If you just married is not calling, start to look at others, and either he’s jealous, wish to keep, to marry, to have a baby, or kick him in the neck – not your option.

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Yes, everything seems simple, flat and outrageously simple. But other works, and you can. All the cards in your hands!

PS. And finally, I wanted to share with you another thought. They say that like attracts like, and that even people that seem very different, are based on something in common that drew them to each other. So I still like the idea that if you want to be near the good man, to develop the goodness in yourself, if you want smart — to cultivate the intellect, etc. Is like a Queen for the king. Good luck to you!

Come to the consultation the therapist on his personal life and family. Will help You gladly!

Sincerely, family psychologist S. A. Yashchenko