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Tour a Romantic date!
  The program of the tour: a Romantic date! Day 1. Lviv 15:00 – Excursion "Only in Lviv!" . For a start, we will visit the Cathedral of St. George is one of the most…


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Tour a Romantic date!


The program of the tour: a Romantic date!

Day 1. Lviv

15:00 – Excursion “Only in Lviv!” . For a start, we will visit the Cathedral of St. George is one of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the city. Admired as the exterior, and its interior. Then we will go to the Central part of the city, take a walk through the narrow streets of ancient Lviv. Here the aroma of the morning coffee, call your chimes Church of the assumption and the Dominican Cathedral, rises above

the tile sea town Hall. Every stone in the Market square carries through the centuries his story! And at the end of the tour we will go to the High castle – the cradle of ancient Lviv, which offers panoramic views of the city from height of bird’s flight.

19:00 – For the tourists who arrive at the Lviv railway.d. the station – Shuttle service to the Terminal “A”.

20:00 – Depart on a tour of the Complex terminal “a”. Moving to Budapest.

• The opportunity to join the group in Striy, Mukachevo, Uzhgorod, chop.

Day 2. Budapest – Szentendre in the Morning visit the thermal baths of count széchenyi (18€)

10:00 – Sightseeing tour: the beautiful and majestic Buda pest is the “Pearl of the Danube” – Budapest! Oh! this City’s most Beautiful square of Europe – Heroes square, Park Varosliget and the castle in it – Vajdahunyad. Here and the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Church of the Matt, where have all the Royal families of Europe, a monument to the Holy Trinity … and the Royal Palace itself! Here you can see a magnificent panorama of the pest, the Danube and the exquisite neo-Gothic Parliament…

In free time suggest:

• Walk to the Fabulous town of Szentendre” (adults 18€, children under 12 years 10€) – wonderful and charming town, where you can plunge into the atmosphere of ancient streets, small churches, museums and souvenir shops. This is the place to try authentic marzipan and spend sweet moments in a fairy tale world!

• Trip to the highest point of Budapest – mount Janos (23€). To the chairlift we will climb to the top of the mountain Janos, where the observation tower Erzsebet Kilato. It was named in honor of the Empress Sisi, lubovatjsja from here panoramic views of Budapest. On a clear day the mountain can be considered a significant part of the capital and its environs. The slopes Janos covered with ancient forests and clean air dizzy. So don’t be surprised if after walking Your health will be excellent. And to make it even better, we will have lunch in this hunting restaurant…

Check in at hotel.

18:00 – “Openwork decoration of Budapest” (adults 23€, children up to 12 years-18€). Seven bridges is the decoration of the beautiful Blue Danube, which, like a strand of pearls, connects two parts of the city – Buda and pest… the water reflects the magnificent buildings: the Parliament, the Academy of Sciences, the Royal Palace. Past us “float” ancient spas, hotels, museums and the most beautiful entertainment complex of Budapest…

19:00 – we Recommend you to see Budapest from Gellert hill” (6€). In Budapest all conditions have been created for fans of photos. The impression is that at the stage of construction of the fortress in Buda, the Hungarian king Bela IV figured out the future technology invention and realized that with Castle hill, and especially with Gellert hill, will have a very good view of the pest, bridges and rounding the Danube into the distance. Here the whole city at a glance! The flickering lights and the quiet whisper of the wind creates a dreamy mood, and feel confident that in this city it should come back again and again!

In the evening we recommend you to choose from:

• The fiery chords at the national restaurant “Taste of Hungary a taste” (adults-30€, children up to 12 years-18€).

• A tour of “the charm of the city at night” (adults 16€, children up to 12 years-10€). We will spend free time in your favorite place of walks of the Hungarian nobility – the Korzo promenade and fashionable street in Vacy. Here pest elegant and very festive, even on weekdays! And climbing up to the Citadel – we will see all the beauty of the city at night… Feel You in Budapest.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3. Vienna Breakfast.

07:30 – For everyone – trip to Vienna – the capital of the Habsburgs” (adults-38€, children up to 12 years old-30€). Vienna, city of music and the great musicians of the city is charming and beautiful… it is rightly called the heart of Europe. The capital of the Austro–Hungarian Empire, Vienna impresses with its grandeur and luxury, with its charm and warmth. It is an extraordinary city! narrow medieval streets, wide Imperial square… We will walk through the very heart of Vienna Maria-Theresien-Platz, the Imperial Hofburg, Gartner, Graben, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and sophisticated Albertina! Free time in Vienna. We recommend you to visit:

• Schönbrunn – the summer residence of the Habsburgs” (10€). Already more than 300 years schönbrunn is one of the main attractions of the Austrian capital. This ensemble, uniting architecture and nature, where the Park becomes an extension of the Palace. Here really is the scope of the Kaiser: schönbrunn nearly the size of all “inner city”! In your free time you can visit the Palace (12€with audio guide, 23€-with a guide), zoo (16€), or just take a walk through the magnificent Park.

• Bus tour “Majestic Vienna (18€). The mysterious middle ages, the brilliant 19th century, the cycle of music, history, art – all this Vienna, unique and beautiful! “It is my will!” – with these words the Emperor Franz Joseph ordered the construction of the Ringstrasse, where majestically situated the houses of Parliament, city Hall, the Burgtheater. We will also see the most fun attraction is the quaint house of Hundertwasser! And at the end of the tour – “we’re paying a visit to Prince Eugene of Savoy and see the beautiful Belvedere castle!

18:00 – a walk “legends of mysterious vein” (adults 18€, children under 12 years 10€)During our walk we will walk through a hackneyed tourist route and see another vein – medieval, majestic, inspiring. The old Jewish quarter; the ancient Church of St. Ruprecht; Mozart’s house and, of course, “dancing hours” – Ankeruhr, from which every hour is heard wonderful sounding chime.

20:00 – Return to Budapest. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4. Budapest – Hungary Breakfast. Check out of the hotel. Free time in Budapest. We recommend a visit to choose from:

• “The petals of romance” (adults-30€, children up to 12 years-10€). We invite You to the city of székesfehérvár – the first Church hail of Hungarian rulers! Here for five centuries stood the main temple of the country, where they were crowned 37 kings and 39 Queens. Difficult pronouncing the name of the city hides behind many letters his surprisingly interesting history. Cozy streets of Székesfehérvár and its amazing castle allow the city to stay the capital of Hungary. Not only administrative, and … romantic! Return to Budapest.

• One of the wonders of Hungary – “swimming in the volcano crater – lake hévíz (adults 38€, children up to 12 years old-30€). They say that this lake with the “water”. Here every second rises the powerful flow of healing hot water. Every 28 hours, the water in the lake is completely updated and its temperature, even in winter does not fall below 26?C. people come Here to rest, heal and just swim.

• Tropicali – Oceanarium (adults 13€, children under 12 years 10€) – is located in the shopping center “Campana” in Budapest. 8 rooms! Full of life in the tropics and the ocean depths – alligators, sea rays, huge pythons, sleepy turtles, cute monkey, clever parrots and lazy iguanas. And all this in a real Tropical forest in the warm tropical downpour with thunder and lightning…. And in the 11–meter tunnel to watch tiger sharks in the presence of many other fish of different shapes and sizes with colorful makeup and polished nails.

15:00 – departure to the North of Hungary. We are waiting for the thermal wonders of Hungary, “Hungarian Pamukkale” – the town of Egerszalók! (A) – for a wonderful feeling of cheerfulness – use of the Wellness Complex offers an unusual massages, adventure pool, an exclusive sauna, nice and gentle bath…

For everyone recommend tasting Eger wines and delicious goulash in the Valley of Beauties. (11€). The most famous wine “Bull’s Blood”, and best of all – “Eger Girl”.

21:30 – Return to Ukraine.

Day 5. Arrival in Lviv Chop at approximately 03:00

Arrival to Lviv in the complex terminal “a” at approximately

08:00. Free time.

For tourists who go to the Lviv railway.d. the station – Shuttle service from the Complex terminal “a” at 08.30.

The tour price INCLUDES

• bus travel, they

• hotel accommodation, Breakfast (buffet)

• excursions according to the program

• support team leader, insurance

• In the case when the age of the tourist is more than 60 years, you need to check the amount of the insurance payment.

The tour price does NOT INCLUDE:

• recommended program and entrance fees