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Kuzbass – the soul Catchers

First, a little history of the issue. In 1966 Anton Sandor La VEEM

. which journalists have not learned to write together.

was founded the American Church of Satan. Accordingly, in the vastness of our country organized its Russian branch.

Oh! When and by whom? There was no such.

In those years, and the official Orthodox Church is not very welcoming,

and the Satanists and does nothing to expect any recognition. But fans of Satan was found, and the Kemerovo region is no exception.

According to representatives of the Church of Satan,

Whom exactly?

official doctrine they did not exist, but some postulates.

Yah :-)

Here are some: it is forbidden to use drugs and psychotropic drugs, to kill animals, people, molesting little girls, to defile the ashes and sacred places of other faiths.

Wow :-) then why Satanists credited with the desecration of Christian churches and debauch in cemeteries?

We welcome everything that leads to spiritual and physical perfection of the man. The leaders of the Church of Satan, however, very loyal configured and does not require implicit obedience to these requirements.

Selection of new members of sects is performed in an atmosphere of secrecy, however, all the activities of Satanists secretly passes. This fact draws like a magnet to young people. Still, the opportunity to “play in the scouts and spies”, to be elected on the mysteries! Become a member of a sect is not so easy. It is necessary to prove yourself, you have to endure a trial period. The candidate to the Satanists diligently instilled with the idea that the blame for any wrongdoing on his part is not on the Church, and in the guilty.

And who else, sorry?

Any contact with the media sectarians are required to coordinate with the leadership of the Church. Well, the leadership is in no hurry to publicize their activities for a number of reasons. The rite of initiation into the satanic, as a rule, the new member becomes a kind of test (moral and physical), but after going through the rite way back, alas, does not exist.

Maybe the cultists Satanists, just passionate about the religion of the people? The one negative of drugs and corruption of minors deserves unconditional respect. But words are one thing, but there is more, what virtue can there be, if Satan, aka the devil, aka Lucifer is evil incarnate?

And to prove? For a start, the presence of evil. Start with definitions :-)

Hence, the prohibitions for Satanists means nothing in reality things are much worse. Almost all the young people who walk into a sect, uses psychotropic drugs. If the effects of marijuana, opium, heroin physical health can somehow be stabilized (through, for example, the rate of drug purification in the clinic), from psychotropic drugs is almost impossible to refuse. They destroy not only the human body, they turn him into an imbecile creature. Who was involved in the use of these drugs, the dire need of money. Hence the prostitution of minors involved in crimes. Another ban is not molesting little girls. Legally we have a juvenile is a child up to 12 years. The facts that the sect of Satanists there are teenagers, no. But over – all you want. One of the rites of passage – participation in group sex, each new member of the sect must pass through this rite.

Horror :-) But there is a freebie you can, unlike individual!

Punish too gang rape. In such a situation not to take the drugs? In a healthy psyche satanic rituals can act and act destructive, and drugged with psychotropic drug is scary.

Another prohibition – you can’t kill animals, people. Again a lie. Ask any teenager, and he will tell you that to kill a kitten with blue eyes almost heroic act of a zealot.

Here is any teenager on the street knows the whole list of the valiant deeds of the sectarians. All denominations, or only Satanists?

Mentally ill Satanist convinces the audience that he personally kidnapped newborn babies and drank their blood. This story is totally sick teenager. Literally obsessed with the ideas of a Satanist, I listened to personally. I will not even repeat nonsense about dug graves in the moon and other such nonsense.

The Duc is the actions of Satanists or ravings of a madman?

The students of our state University was one such situation. In November 1999 a group of young people who interested in theology, the occult, mysticism, out of town for three days. Came back after talking with Satan alive, but healthy? One of the students after the return was in an extremely agitated state, he described how he participated in the rite of passage. Assured his loved ones that he needed to finish the ritual of initiation. Because without it is impossible to achieve a “higher level”. The final dedication was that he needed to kill the girl, and then his apartment will be a true “devil house”. The “dedicated” rapidly began to develop mental illness that led him to the hospital bed.

You can, of course, to say: you never know what you can fantasize a sick man. But healthy Satan worshipers don’t like to share their experiences of participation in orgies and rituals. Despite a strictly limited circle of cultists who participate on activities of this kind, the secret is revealed.

This summer in one of the Kemerovo the family experienced a tragic accident killed a teenage girl. Almost immediately we heared that the girl died during one of the rites of the Satanists. Such a favorable hearing Satanists, because it inspires fear, fear attracts the mystery of death immature youthful soul. And another suggestion – look, we have the Almighty, dispose of someone else’s life on your own! For normal people even indirect reference to the participation in the ritual of Satan’s offensive, but not for the cultists.

Satanic ideology most often finds its followers among young people. Helps to recruit Satanists music. Of course, not classic. There are musical groups, using in concert entourage satanic symbolism, and the lyrics glorify the devil and all evil spirits, among which there is no except that of Baba Yaga, and then only because it is compared with the rest of the characters are too kind. On the form is mediocre performance is absolutely non-musical works such groups successfully fulfill their mission to glorify evil and mock the good. However, over the thundering music is difficult to understand the words, but drunk young people in the crowd with her contagious psychology (I’m the same as everybody else!), absolutely indifferent to chant for the soloist – the SATANIST. Most importantly, loud Yes in unison! And tickets to concerts of such bands are much cheaper than the other groups, and they can afford any teenager.

It is seen that Manson is the author of the article obviously didn’t go :-)

The music is loud, the soloists are yelling about the domination of evil and worship the devil, light rhythmically affects the psyche of a teenager, and circle of inverted crucifixes, images of skeletons. A well-staged performance. The goal is to win, having lulled the psyche, as much human souls. In Kemerovo and in the area there are groups that actively use satanic symbolism in their concerts. For followers of Satanism important to first inspire people outer side of their religion, and then to awaken interest in the ideology. In the list of promoted sectarian literature have names Ludwig Feuerbach, Sigmund Kosidowski and even Leo Taxil with his “Funny Bible”. Of course, the interpretation of the texts given in favor of Satanists.

This is hear for the first time. At least something new and original :-) New, and I published an article in the collection, otherwise it is standard and boring.

Curiosity and lack of life experience plus youthful desire to stand out among their peers lead our youth into the ranks of the worshippers of Satan. And, once there, they fall into psychological, and often drug addiction from the leader of the sect. To leave slamming the trap yourself young man.

Parents of teenagers full of Satanists drink the Cup of despair and spent a lot of effort to save their children. They could have a lot to tell, to share my bitter experience. But, unfortunately, these people are disunited. Parents whose children went to religious sects, we suffer alone. There is an urgent need to unite in the fight against Satan and his advocates.

How to notice signs of trouble – fascination teen Satanism? As a rule, it ceases to be in time in school, begins to use alcohol, drugs, often away from home for a few days, becomes irritable, impatient, lose psychological contact parents and friends, prefers to dress in black color with symbols of Satanists. Of course, all of the above if you wish, you can “try on” every second child (you know, what parents know about drugs last). But without the help of parents who have experience with different kinds of sects, is indispensable for the salvation of our children.

I would like to hear the opinion of social workers, law enforcement officers about the tone of what they take measures to prevent the influence of sextants for young people, what are the official representatives of the Church in dealing with Satanists, because by one prayer from them is not protected.