How to bring the girl to orgasm
Almost everyone had to ask the question: «How to bring a girl to orgasm?» Omitting various arguments about women's physiology and psychology, I provide personal instruction on "How to bring the girl to orgasm. To…


How to make so that you have seduced themselves
Excerpt from the book Leslie «Jizni no panties» What is the difference between favorites from ordinary people? Themselves wondered at least once, what is the difference between men and women, having a huge success with…


Strategy male or how to behave with a girl (woman)
Nothing prevents to become a man, as a colleague! Sperm Alex Leslie Each of us, men, spewing during intercourse about ten million sperm! Every woman just one egg! Already at this level implements the strategy…



A plan to find a husband. Prescription how to get married. Strategy how to create a family.

How to find a husband? Well, I don’t know, maybe, he again hid behind the sofa? Or get on the wrong bus, came to the middle of nowhere and now is unable to properly explain?

Okay, okay, it’s not about that. Will not talk about her husband that disappeared, and that which is still to be found and who will need to

present this honorary title. The chance to stumble on it somewhere by accident are not very large, although there is (where people not only get to know!). But today we will talk about the rules targeted search.

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Tour a Romantic date!


The program of the tour: a Romantic date!

Day 1. Lviv

15:00 – Excursion “Only in Lviv!” . For a start, we will visit the Cathedral of St. George is one of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the city. Admired as the exterior, and its interior. Then we will go to the Central part of the city, take a walk through the narrow streets of ancient Lviv. Here the aroma of the morning coffee, call your chimes Church of the assumption and the Dominican Cathedral, rises above

the tile sea town Hall. Every stone in the Market square carries through the centuries his story! And at the end of the tour we will go to the High castle – the cradle of ancient Lviv, which offers panoramic views of the city from height of bird’s flight.

19:00 – For the tourists who arrive at the Lviv railway.d. the station – Shuttle service to the Terminal “A”.

20:00 – Depart on a tour of the Complex terminal “a”. Moving to Budapest.

• The opportunity to join the group in Striy, Mukachevo, Uzhgorod, chop.

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