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How to start over after failure – Be alpha


No business is immune from failures. Why do some after the crisis forever going out of business, while others almost from scratch immediately begin to build a new one?

“it was Necessary to disperse quietly”

Two weeks Boris Teterev lay on the couch and stared at one point on the ceiling, what really bothered my wife. Today he is the President of a

successful company Musa Motors, and then experienced the devastation of his first business-a General store, which he opened for a couple with a friend in 1989.

– It was a pretty successful business – even before the discovery near the entrance accumulate most of all, – says the Grouse. – But in 1990, the products in our store many steel can not afford, and turn markedly diminished, and then disappeared altogether. The business collapsed. At the same time me and partner have a conflict: we are unable to agree on the development of our business. I left, leaving all assets to the partner. Now I understand that if I made that decision, it was necessary to disperse quietly, at least, all the dividing. But the conflict was so strong that the impulse to drop everything and leave overcame common sense. To top it all because of the Pavlov reform, money has depreciated. And the few tools that I had left by that point, turned to dust. There appeared nothing but the walls of the house that I started building.

The crisis took me a lot of strength, constant tension made itself felt. Probably doing nothing was a defensive reaction of the organism to stress or some kind of meditation. At that moment it helped me. Lying on the couch, looking at the ceiling, thinking about nothing, and then come back to reality and discover that in your head born of very interesting and useful thoughts and ideas.

I’ve read books by famous philosophers and psychologists, biographies of great people – all of this has inspired me to new heights and gave enthusiasm.

Life doesn’t stop, and I realized that I need something to do next. And knew – no matter what, I could start all over again. The way it happened. After about six months, I opened a new business – engaged in trade, including the sale of cars. This business subsequently grew into my current company.

“I didn’t understand what to do next”

His current company «Recolor” Vladimir Samokhin founded almost immediately after the destruction of the previous business. Because of the crisis of 1991 hand cream that was produced by his firm “Dakota”, it became necessary to nobody.

– people Have no money even for basic necessities, not to mention cosmetics. Products “Dakota” just stopped buying, and in October my office almost to the ceiling was Packed with boxes of the cream, – says Vladimir Samokhin. – Had to stop production. The situation was aggravated by the fact that we, like many Russian citizens, have managed to invest a decent amount in that time you could buy several brand new “Lada”, in the shares of the company ’s Rinaco”, founded by Irina Khakamada. In 1991 the return of this money could not go and speeches – they just vanished. On the Board of Directors, we have decided that now each of us go our separate ways.

To say that I was hurt, to say nothing. I just didn’t understand what to do next. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that after breaking up with partners one of them reported to the tax office – I was supposedly covered taxes from the state. It was just scary because I didn’t know what else might happen. Fortunately, I’m not depressed and fell off the wagon, as it happens to some entrepreneurs that the victims of the crash in business. There was no time to worry – it was necessary to do something.

To survive and start a new business, it was necessary to work very hard: I was up at five in the morning and came home at 11pm. At the time my daughter turned a year, and I was not able to participate in her upbringing, to see how it is changing, to hear what new words are spoken. In this difficult period, my wife believed in me and understood that it should be. I felt it in her glance, according to. And then I realized: in order to find the strength to start a new business, it is important first of all to be happy at home.


Really successful people features a offensive position, says business consultant Faith Kobzeva.

– let us Recall the example from the life of the famous Edison, who burned down the laboratory cost of $1 million When he was asked: “What are you going to do now?” — he replied: “Tomorrow starts to recover”. People should not give up and say, ‘Life”. We need to act: first, analyze what happened, and then, based on the analysis, to take concrete steps, – says Kobzeva. – But not to act immediately. After such a serious shocks need to take the “pause” to think, look, just relax.

Psychologist Valery Afanasiev advises after bankruptcy for a couple of days “out of the situation”, that is completely cut itself off from everything associated with the incident a failure, not even to communicate with friends and family.

– Get in your car, drive to some vacation house, wander through the woods or along the river, – says Afanasiev. – In this situation a neutral atmosphere, which will help to accept this reality. In General, businesses would do well to learn meditation. Only it helps to cope with stress – no alcohol, no women have such an effect. To meditate simply. You can go to the country to observe nature. Think for example about the branch that broke, but the tree continues to live. And your business has collapsed, however, life goes on.

In the opinion of the therapist Natalia Stanovoy, it is important that rehabilitation is not delayed. When a person is in apathy more than two weeks, it is fraught with depression, which could have a negative impact on his physical condition: exacerbate gastric or cardiovascular disease.

Everything is relative

Often the person in crisis is experiencing a strong depression: completely withdraws into himself, not reacting to external stimuli, sitting for hours in one place and looking at a single point. Importantly, during the crisis not to be alone. You need to communicate with different people, on any topic. It really helps to communicate with those who had once been in similar situations, their experience and advice. Helps also study the biographies of famous people, standing in front of them in different kinds of obstacles. The knowledge of how they overcame the crisis, helps them get ready for the fight.

Psychologist Igor recommends Tartar to go, for example, in the subway, to see the unfortunate cripples who beg for money, talk to them, find out what the tragedy in life forced them to beg. This shock therapy will help to feel that there is another world and there are people who are a thousand times worse. After all, everything is relative.

You can apply it to their own experience, to recall the most difficult moments of his life, starting from childhood.

– Remember what you were doing when you felt as though the world is ending, how did you handle difficult situations. Because then you cope with it, so now will succeed, ” advises Igor Tatar.

Ten values

Returning to normal life, many experience confusion, don’t know where to start, what to do.

Valery Afanasiev recommends that you arrange yourself “debriefing”: on a sheet of paper to list all the mistakes that led to the ruin. All the errors can be divided into four types: legal, economic, administrative and psychological.

– Writing paper, you free your mind from these unpleasant thoughts. At the same time turns off the emotional attitude to the problem and begins to work rational. You are able to soberly assess the situation. After this, you need to consult about all of these errors with those with whom you have never consulted. This will help to get adequate fresh look from the outside.

Natalia stepnova also recommends an exercise called “Ten life values”, which will help to find yourself, to understand how to get out of the crisis. On a sheet of paper need to list ten of their life values. It can be anything: children, building a cottage, deep healthy sleep, travel, etc. You need to ask yourself whether each of these values is important now and how important is it? What will change if you remove one of the items? If nothing changes, then it is not a value, the item can easily cross from the list. Then the values are placed in order of importance. After such analysis, the most important value for a person today can be just travel. So, it is necessary to collect the suitcase and leave.

To correctly determine the order of actions in the post-crisis period, Faith Kobzeva proposes to analyze the situation, writing on a sheet of paper answers to the following questions:

– What I really wanted?

– What you need to do? (This item will need to be worked out as detailed as possible, outlining specific steps.)

– What could prevent me from achieving these goals?

– How will I know when you have achieved it?

Answers should be specific, detailed, in order to gradually implement the plan. This analysis will help to define the essence and meaning of further action and will protect from improper, impulsive actions, which are often committed under the influence of emergencies.