Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rochelle Becker

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Rochelle Becker

After almost three decades as the spokesperson and legal intervenor for the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace on issues relating to safety operations at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, I co-founded the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility in December 2004.  The focus of the Alliance is to reframe the nuclear issues, where the state has sole jurisdiction, to fully examine the economics and reliability of the state’s dependence on aging nuclear reactors.  Through A4NR’s consistent education of oversight agencies and state legislators, California began the first cost, benefit and risk analysis of the state’s dependence on existing nuclear plants and the growing stockpiles of highly radioactive waste located on the state’s seismically active coast.  To learn more about the Alliance   efforts to ensure all earthquake studies and mapping are updated and that the nation has a licensed and operating offsite solution to highly radioactive waste before California allows PG&E and SCE to apply for a twenty year license renewal go to

The Alliance is often interviewed by local, state and national media.  As Executive Director, I have been honored to be recognized by Congresswoman Capps, Assemblyman Blakeslee, numerous other elected officials and organizations for our efforts to form alliances and address the full implications of continued reliance on aging reactors.

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