Friday, May 29, 2015

Karen Hadden

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Karen Hadden is Executive Director of the Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED) Coalition, a Texas based nonprofit working for clean air and clean energy. A former high school science teacher, she advocates for energy efficiency, and renewable wind, solar and geothermal energy as safe and affordable alternatives to the coal plants and nuclear reactors proposed in Texas.

A long time opponent of nuclear power and nuclear waste dumping, Karen jumped in when eight additional reactors were announced for Texas. She helped create new local organizations to oppose the two reactors proposed for Comanche Peak and two slated for the South Texas Project.

She helped keep information flowing and people in motion in San Antonio, where the municipal utility, CPS, is trying to push for more nuclear power. By bringing in experts, working the media and supporting local organizing, the question of whether to pursue efficiency and renewable energy instead of nuclear power is being considered. A spotlight was shed on the issue when it was revealed that CPS Energy management kept a $4 billion price hike secret until one day before the City Council was to vote on investing more money in reactors. An investigation is now underway.

SEED Coalition took on the task of funding and overseeing the legal cases against Comanche Peak and the South Texas Nuclear Project, and brought in Public Citizen, a state representative and local organizations. The Comanche Peak case has two contentions accepted for a hearing, and the South Texas Project has five accepted contentions, for hearings to be held in 2010. Karen, her staff and attorney are working to open up the hearings and get much of the material made public that is wrongly being designated as “sensitive” when in fact it involves basic safety issues that the public has a right to know.

The latest news is posted on SEED’s website,