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Previews Boxing weekend may 2-3

Floyd ” Money ” Mayweather (47-0, 26 KO) – Manny ” Pac Man ” Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KO)

” MGM Grand “, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The duel for the title of world champion, WBC , WBA and WBO Welterweight (up to 66.7 kg)

That comes to an end the Saga of the name of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. For five long years of negotiations, the fans several times

changed the temper justice with mercy, mechas between “Yes well it in a bog, how long?” and “well, finally, here it seems and it is finished”. The last turn of the spiral of expectations occurred at the beginning of this year and, fortunately, realized the second option.

On the one hand, such a game from a sporting point of view justifies the status of “the fight of the decade”, you need to submit in all its glory, touching not only all the strengths and weaknesses of boxers, but remembering the history of their formation, common opponents and other interesting facts, including a chronology of the long-suffering of the negotiation process.

On the other, for a little bit watching the developments in the world of Boxing fans, the phrase “Mapac” has become a household name. It builds in the head of a chronological chain of events; it brings the understanding that there is nothing bigger in recent times and was not for many years will not. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao – is the brand, especially needs no introduction.

It is difficult to disagree with the common opinion that five years ago this fight would have been much more intriguing than now. Let’s try to structure all of the factors in support of this idea and understand that have in the end.

Let’s look at the strengths of Manny Pacquiao, which most experts and fans believed that it can cause “handsome” the first defeat in his professional career, and who maintained an incredible interest in this fight.

In the first place it right front of Manny Pacquiao. Not once in his career Floyd has faced problems in the ring with left-handers, especially if they exerted pressure on him. Then protective style shoulder roll failed, undermining the main advantage of Americans – safety, forcing him to take more risk to recover the spectacle of the status quo.

The second major trump card “Fair use” in the context of a fight with Floyd perfectly complements the first paragraph. This is an incredible rate of Filipino, able at different angles to throw the enemy’s attacks, forcing him to think about surviving.

In turn, the Mayweather – master confrancisco craft. Remembering occur on a regular basis Pacquiao problems with another counter puncher Juan Manuel Marquez, makes a great picture for a competitive confrontation. Floyd, at least not inferior to the Mexican in the timing and significantly superior in speed. If we talk about the Boxing intelligence, with search equal to Mayweather in this component will have big problems.

However, boxers, like any other athletes, alas, timeless, and from the moment when the public started to demand the Mayweather fight with Pacquiao, the balance has changed. And suffered most of all Filipino.

When viewing past performances Mayweather can mention a few fallen a bit of speed and blunt reflexes. But it is not that critical, as its current speed and reaction ones Floyd of the early 10’s, but are still beyond the reach of competitors.

As for Pacquiao, he lost much more. Since the fight against Antonio Margarito Manny constantly pouring criticism for the fact that he lost the killer instinct. No more overaggressive soldier, who from the first seconds pounces on the opponent and stops to strike only after the fall of the enemy or a visual signal of the referee. And it’s not so important reasons. Whether the negative effect of the age or the problems of psychology, the fact remains – old Manny anymore. And the last fight with Chris Algieri six times on the canvas, not the indicator. Just outrageous different level.

Yes, Pacquiao is still a Lefty and hypothetically Mayweather is waiting for the most difficult challenge in recent years. But at the same time, no matter how it tried to hide chatty Freddie roach, the Filipino is far less of a threat to “pretty boy”.

Similarly, with the same care as to the words of roach, should be attributed to the promises of Mayweather to fight aggressive and knock out the enemy. It seems that there is nothing to comment here, since not only the fans but also, perhaps, the Floyd can’t remember how to not show aggression in any given episode, and over a long period of time.

Many respected in the Boxing world people agree that the only chance Manny is a knockout. Quite a bold idea and there are several reasons. First, Welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao has not needed to knockout power, and secondly, if possessed, too quickly ” Money ” is restored and wisely acts to prevent critical deterioration of the situation.

The risk to incur wave of criticism of Pacquiao fans, but if we talk about early victory, then more than likely seen a knockout in the performance of the American. Floyd terrific right straight through the hand, and this is definitely a problem for any left-hander. The Mayweather ability to adapt to any opponent and find the key to their defensive builds, leading to dangerous counter-attacks Floyd. And then it’s time to think about the potential consequences of a heavy defeat to Marquez. Yes, as long as they weren’t shown, but it would be very strange if it happened in combat and unable to hit the target Rios or “therapists” Algieri and Bradley.

After the starting rounds, “Handsome” traditionally spend on the observation of the enemy, the current leader p-4 – p will start at full advantage in anthropometry and will be permanent to catch a nimble Filipino towards. And though reason dictates that the fight will be all the allotted distance, forecasting iSport. ua on this fight will stand out the most common.

Maybe someone after reading the preview have any thoughts that such dagadana battle, which is now dubbed one of the largest in the history of Boxing, no more than mismatch. This is not so. While Manny Pacquiao in recent years has lost a fair amount of aces, he is still a very real threat to the dominance of Mayweather. Simply, he is the kind of very intriguing encounter, where there is a pronounced favorite.

Forecast iSport . ua. Mayweather W – TKO 10

Vasily ” Hi – Tech ” Lomachenko (3-1, 1 KO) – Gamalier Rodriguez (25-2-3, 17 KO)

May 2, 2015 ” MGM Grand “, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The duel for the title of world champion under version WBO Featherweight title (to 57.2 kg)

No doubt, embossed Bob Arum place on the undercard of Mayweather vs Pacquiao is a huge step in promoting Vasyl Lomachenko in the United States. And although many fans WBO would like to see a more serious battle, the opponent’s name in this particular case is not so important.

The main task Vasyl Lomachenko show excellent Boxing, spectacular reworking of the Puerto Rican middle. In General, he needs to do what he does best. Most importantly, that there was a force majeure in the form of injuries and other troubles, which can substitute Basil bandwagon where it in principle can not be.

Forecast iSport . ua. Lomachenko W – UD 12