Friday, May 22, 2015

Allison Fisher


As a Peace Corp volunteer and later as a graduate student of community organizing, Allison Fisher was driven by economic and social injustice. It wasn’t until she was introduced to issues associated with nuclear power two years ago, through her work with Public Citizen, that her innate respect for mother earth and her economic and social sensibilities lined up together to motivate her work to stop the construction of a new nuclear reactor in Maryland located less than an hour from her home.

As Public Citizen’s Energy Organizer she devotes her efforts to fighting a new generation of nuclear reactors. From uranium mining to the production of radioactive waste, nuclear power perpetuates environmental degradation. The financial risk inherent in this technology threatens ratepayers and taxpayers alike. What’s worse, investment in new reactors diverts resources away from the development of clean and sustainable energy sources. Allison hopes to lead a new revolution in energy planning – it’s time to move away from the dirty old energy sources of the past and adopt a clean energy future.