Strategy male or how to behave with a girl (woman)
Nothing prevents to become a man, as a colleague! Sperm Alex Leslie Each of us, men, spewing during intercourse about ten million sperm! Every woman just one egg! Already at this level implements the strategy…


Strategy male or how to behave with a girl (woman)
Nothing prevents to become a man, as a colleague! Sperm Alex Leslie Each of us, men, spewing during intercourse about ten million sperm! Every woman just one egg! Already at this level implements the strategy…


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How to turn his head on the first date

Often life passes us on a track work–home. The guy and girl trying to find “his destiny”: a wonderful person, the only, the.

Actually any acquaintance (especially happy!) is a successful confluence of a number of circumstances. Of course, young age, and the indomitable desire to love take their toll. Boys and girls like a magnet attract each other: in clubs and transport, in lectures and in the office. A look, a word – and now the number is recorded, is assigned a first date.

Dating happen on the rink, the zoo, somewhere romantic town, where you can

just wander the streets, visiting cafes and restaurants to quietly talk about everything without feeling obligated to anyone. There are lots of ways to make the day unique and at the same time not binding, if the two hearts nothing will move for more serious continue.

Many believe that Dating sites are only for losers. This is not so. The majority of visitors such resources simply saves time, money (preliminary courtship not everyone can afford), or looking for a meeting one night without obligation. If you are one of the army office workers who are always overwhelmed to the detriment of his personal life, we hope that this article will help you gain new friends.

Want to get acquainted on the Internet?

Before creating the questionnaire, it is necessary to consider. So let’s start with the photos and finish the method of communication. Create your perfect image, but do not overdo it, so when I meet you in real the candidate has not shied away from the dissimilarity of you and your photos.

We now proceed to the second stage – the preparation of the questionnaire data. Under no circumstances should not lie about yourself. Or to write the truth, or not fill in the “junk” field at all. The interest and intrigue of your basic tools. Always be original, drop “templates” sending your first message. “Hi”, “How are you”, “get-to-know – clog information space and take up others’ time. Always be yourself, but be considerate and do not dare to offend the interlocutor.

And yet. Don’t give right and left, their coordinates, phones. If the first meeting is destined to be, spend it on neutral territory.

One of my classmate said, “I noticed a really bright girl, very rarely leave their contacts on Dating sites, more often you can meet girls who are just looking for sex (but they are not very attractive because you can’t find someone in real life), or she is very modest and sociable, so Internet is the best place of self-realization. Well, there are still those who just for fun they decide to keep their data”.

But anyway, people continuously…

The first date is always difficult and mysterious

We are nervous, worried and, of course, want to be liked, I hope that a first date doesn’t become the only. We need to win this game. Do not lose your head, be confident and sincere.

What you need to do to the woman to show herself in front of a man on a first date in the most favorable light and not to scare him? What on the first date, men can not stand, and that, on the contrary, I love every fiber of your being?

First of all, be aware that men appreciate first appearance of a woman, and then look at her inner world. No matter how it was sad for us, but if we don’t like it at first glance, it is unlikely to be possible any relationship in the future.

For starters, you need to consider the outfit. Clothes for a date should be something special. Wear what you wear in everyday life, but look perfect. Consider your image to chance. New things it is better not to wear – proven will feel more confident. And things such as an expensive watch, beautiful linen and quality shoes shall be on you always. To buy them specially for the meeting is pointless and disingenuous.

A man may alienate sloppiness. Therefore, try to ensure that all are OK with the look, not cut off if any button, slid the arrow on the tights, and so on. In your appearance all should talk about the good taste, the clothes should be in harmony with shoes and jewelry.

Hair should look well groomed and natural. And to do styling in a barbershop, not necessarily. Your “spectacular” hair should not be evident.

The best way to get my attention, smile and the look in his eyes.

What can you say?

Should we exalt themselves to heaven or modestly put the truth? How to start a conversation and how to politely say goodbye to the guy?

Well, first of all, do not show your interest from the first minute. Men love the chase and pursuit, entice them a little bit! Be sure to find out if he has friends among women. Man should be able refers to a woman as a friend, not as a sexual object.

Men believe a lot of it: Pushkin, Lermontov, who where vacationing, about the meaning of life and whether there is life on Mars, most importantly, had more beer, then to develop the theme to infinity – until you reach consensus. The girl often are put off, the guy seems stupid, I want gentle words and consideration. Stop! Not on the first date. If the guy is decent, he will still be tender, but that he needed to get to know you, do not rush things. So, you better shut up:

• About your well being, money financial situation.

• About their shortcomings – why scare in advance?

• About his family and his biography.

• About ex – successful and failed.

• About diseases.

• About the work and staff

• No need to talk bad about people in General to talk less about what is not love, it is better to pay attention to what you like.

What you need to know the girl:

• If he came out with his friend (also a guy). What was he thinking? – If all broken off, I’ll have someone to drink beer, so the evening wasn’t lost in vain?

• Sixth sense tells us that your interlocutor is morally immature people, the ranter? Trust intuition, most likely, he’s really not going to care, and is set up for regular pastime.

• If you are a guy you really liked, don’t wait until he calls or make the first move, take matters into your own hands. Otherwise it will be a waste of time.

• No need to speculate and far-reaching plans, otherwise it will be painful and sad. One or two dates still don’t mean that you have a serious relationship.

• If a guy says he wants to take care of you, too, run away. It will end up that you’ll take care of it.

The Council guy:

• Considered decent, the guy is going to pay for the girl account, especially if he invited her.

• On the first date, you need to tell a little about yourself, casually inquiring about their tastes and opinions, smile and act simply and wittily, in the end to make it clear that you like her (if so) and you would like to see her again.

• Better to give flowers at the end of the date will look like spontaneity, but at the same time you can see what like. If you give first, but not near the girl will go with the bouquet, they will fade, and if you give one flower, it looks poor and silly girls they are forgotten on the tables in the cafe.

• If you invite a girl on a date and hear in response: “I don’t want to date anyone, I need some time to understand yourself, etc.”, it usually means that the woman is still worried about the breakdown of previous relationships, and she is not interested in a new novel. In this case, you had better act so that at first you were talking as friends and go from there.

Sex on the first date – it’s crazy. Women are very sensitive and timid nature, so easy to skilfully weaved networks love men that could so easily be on the first date victims “don Iwanow”. In any case should not yield to pressure (even very mild) on the part of men. Otherwise, the next morning risk of being embarrassed. If a man offers to spend the night together, make no mistake, if he is looming the thought of a long and happy life with you. He really just wants sex!

Despite what men say with a shy boring, but with a fiery lioness is much more interesting that she attracts with her all the time like on the verge of it all from time to time. Deep down, men strive for modest women. On a subconscious level, these women are safe for them.

But if one-time love and in your plans – you can forget about all my cautions, moreover, that sex must be safe!

Behave yourself, be confident, don’t be afraid to lose a man, believe me, if he’s “your”, we are not going anywhere. Remember that usually people on a first date go, almost without knowing anything about each other. And the purpose of a first date to get to know each other better, to interest even more, if not disappointed so far.

The purpose of a first date – second date. If people like you, then you forgive him and awkward silence, and questions out of place, when you see that it’s from embarrassment or charm you.

Happiness does not come immediately, but it should be able to recognize on a date.