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Errors “strong” women


Continuing the theme about female weakness. I will list the main bugs that make “strong” women.

The word “strong” I take it in quotation marks, because no such power exists in the world, someone who could stop it. Women often interferes not power, and the fact that they are taking.

I will try to explain by examples. (Examples until you deal with marriage and relate to just novels).

Error 1. “Take unceremoniously”

Often women think that to take the initiative is the power, and passively wait for the initiative from each other is a weakness. So when they invite themselves somewhere a man or persistently give him to understand that they like it, they think they behave like strong women. And when a man begins to flirt and set conditions, such women sigh “well, I was too strong, and therefore he became weak and then they give advice to other women “need to be weaker, otherwise it will swap places with the guy”.

Actually, here everything is turned on its head.

Let’s start with the fact that the initiative most of the women are showing impatience and inability to endure the loneliness, sometimes excruciating boredom, the desire to quickly get what you want, that is the real weakness. From this weakness they are not able to wait from this weakness to wait for them to say here, the fans don’t go after them, they are little in demand, and if demand, not those, and if those, like something is wrong, and want to move quicker and quicker, like in the movies, in General, such women take the initiative, because they need more, and men still. Therefore, men are in a stronger position, and this strong position gives them an advantage. It is a woman’s weakness leads to the fact that women are in a disadvantageous position, and men begin to extort additional conditions.

To think that if this is not too popular with the man she sat with downcast eyes, he became interested in it, it is again to produce the illusion, and there is only weak. Not from strength.

Power is unobtrusive to understand the person that he’s cute, but not to worry and not to suffer, waiting for his response, not to extort this reaction, and not get hysterical, if there is no response or it is much more sluggish than I would like, and to treat it with humor and be ready to forget.

Still a great power – not just to make it clear that the man is handsome, but also know what and how you can operate, providing the reaction that I want. But this is already sky high. And most women – not to fat to be I would live, that is, to learn at least not to lie to yourself that weakness is strength.

Error 2. “Rough build”

Often women try to voice all their wishes, more like conditions, in a rather abrupt and harsh manner. To anything the men that they don’t like, they can a tirade about how they should behave, what they can say and what is unacceptable, describe its advantages and angrily demand respect. If a man retires, these women make a conclusion that was too strong and bitter, and men “accustomed to a weak and submissive”.

Describe who you are and what you are, as you and I can speak, but cannot, is not a force but a real weakness. It’s the fear that you might say something wrong and you’ll feel humiliated, crushed, it is the fear that the man actually doesn’t respect you and you look in his eyes is insignificant and you should certainly tell in words how you really are significant and how you appreciate yourself.

A strong man doesn’t tell how to behave, he suggests that a respectful attitude is the rule, as his respect for another (power provides the ability to respect others and not be undermined). And if a strong man sees that he is treated disrespectfully, he politely says goodbye without explaining anything. The only exception is when something can be explained is if the other asked for an explanation, asking and trying to understand what is wrong, but then an exception should be made for cases where there could be a simple misunderstanding, and not a real disrespect. Showed disrespect to explain nothing. Those who embark in debate and educational conversations begin, simply not able to leave, afraid to lose someone, even if he is a ham, or don’t trust yourself, doubt, hurt their dignity or not, fluctuate, give birth to the illusion that if you talk and explain everything will change, that is, showing the dependence and submissiveness actually, not force, as they think. Hysterical and a brawler is not a strong woman, a weak woman who no go, no calm down, that is doubly weak.

Power is to behave calmly and politely, to trust your reactions, do not pay attention to trifles, not to worry, but if something really seemed unacceptable, quietly from a distance, without educational discussions, making it clear that such communication is not fun, and not thinking that the other person all my life waited for you to explain to him how to behave and how not. That’s his business.

Error 3. “To dominate” or “to drag all by yourself”

Often women, hiding from a greater interest in relationships, taking on too much. They invite the man to himself or arrange a date. Without waiting for a call from the man, they themselves specify, not whether a meeting is cancelled, they are active constantly, usually rough to look “independent”, they “rule” before, after, and in the process, and then, seeing that the man was quite passive and behaves like a Prince, offended by their power, although this is again very weak.

Weakness to be interested in a relationship much more than the other participant, to be dependent a lot more, but the main weakness is to hide from themselves the fact. If you are interested in more, but honestly it’s stating that you’re able to do something to correct the balance. But if you hide it from yourself, you are unarmed in front of his weakness.

Dominate is the opposite to “drag it out”, to dominate is to direct the actions of another, not to do everything for him and for him as a servant. Harass doesn’t mean to steer it means to covet. When a woman says, does her partner about the meeting, it shows weakness and insecurity. First, she doubted that he remembers, and secondly, she wants to hurry to ensure that you don’t forget, otherwise you may not feel calm. If she were stronger, this question bothered her much less her complexes and previously inflicted injury flared up like a red emergency light from any doubt as to the feelings of the other, she would be serene and could go about their business (and her head was not only busy amorous feelings).

That is, power is again quite different, and if it turned out that the woman I took to be treated”, it is important to admit to yourself that it is from the weakness and dependence, and not from force. To stop being the “scapegoat” we need to build up strength and not to become even weaker, as is sometimes advised.

Error 4. “Go to hell”

Often women rough break up, and then endlessly reminded of what broke the relationship due to the fact that were too strong and would not be tolerated and endured, were still in a relationship. Actually, you have to be very weak to, making something, regret and all the time to justify telling everyone that you did the right thing or you did it because unlike other is very strong. Strong person either does or does not is justified by neither ourselves nor others.

In addition, to break off relations with the scandal is always a weakness. Strong people relationships leave quietly, politely said goodbye, before these relationships will turn into hell, and most often no one blames and hates (he does not let himself be hurt and hate for that). He knows that every minute of the relationship was in sober memory and strong mind, and therefore was responsible, and if he stayed in this relationship, no matter how much or three days or three years, he did it willingly. So to suddenly be in the role of the deceived victim, who suddenly found next to an enemy, or has not been able to escape from captivity, a strong man. And if this happens, a strong man will take it on account of its weakness, not of strength. He says, “I became weak, so to me this started happening, we need to get better.” If a person lives in hell, but to go for some reason can’t, it’s not strength but weakness, and he should understand it. You can lie to yourself that you’re too kind, careful, responsible, and can honestly say that you are an addict, afraid of change and not confident, it is possible not to give out your weaknesses strengths, then weaknesses will be easier to get rid of.

A fight or a scandal goodbye – this is the real weakness. Men also often weak, and very rarely they manage to behave nobly when their feelings are hurt. But what few people are able to maintain power in a relationship and not fall into addiction, don’t do this weakness by force, it still remains a weakness. And women don’t want it to be mistaken. The stronger a person is, the more problems can be avoided, even under the most difficult circumstances.

There are no such people, whom power would be prevented in love or in your personal life. Power is something that by definition can only help and open new opportunities.