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How to get a guy

Want to be happy — be it!

How to bring the boy back if he dumped you?

Most of the girls intend normal”>ex-boyfriend back after breaking up . As we ladies do this? Usually start phoning and asking: “Why are you not calling?”, even though I heard that it was clearly told: “I quit”. Another flourishes – SMSes with the question: “How?”. If this came the reply: “Normal”, we get angry, because we see the interest in communication no. If no response

signal — tink, then write it again: “What? Difficult word to write. ” All this is so commonplace, happens to almost everyone. And most importantly: no one works.

How to get the guy you love?

Before giving advice on specific actions, I propose to recall what you ’came to this life” that you normal”>the guy left . and do you think normal”> how to return? Why he left you, and not you?

There is no way that was going smoothly and great, everyone was happy, and suddenly he left you. Definitely not once were the signals that you missed by the eyes and ears, are you suggesting that this variant is not your (constantly felt annoyed, infuriated in behavior), or myself have thought: “And Fig me he is such a need?”. Then like it was pajarillos, and you continued the relationship. Then again the signal or even the alarm. You don’t hear it!

It is always the road to separation begins with dissatisfaction: do not like the behavior, unhappy with how he talks to you, do not come, do not call, late, anger and reproaches. It is not that it was all in chocolate, and then boom, a bolt from the blue.

When we see annoying alerts when we unhappy with the relationship, we begin to think for THEMSELVES about the breakup, but not solved. Read the story of my sister.

Why do not tear those relationships that are not satisfied?

One does not like change very attached to people and loves not correspondingly change of faces around him, the other is afraid to be alone (maybe you don’t meet someone?), the third doesn’t like the feeling of an abandoned woman (so, useless… horror. ), the fourth hangs in every relationship and sees the husband (well, just like that I want in the white dress to be like…). In General, there is a reason why she breaks up, but still thinks about it.

Sometimes, of course, signals that she just doesn’t see. Why? Yes because he doesn’t want to see them!

The first “likes” to unconsciousness her man, that poor fellow does not breathe, and she beside him did not see anything around, each second and the first and tenth of the finished slipper in his teeth to bear, if only he was good (it serves him well… and you?), third pulls with all hands: and rudeness, and beatings, and disrespect (at least some, but mine). And each of them will say: “I never thought about the breakup, because I love him!”

And the fact that you yourself have long spat, and his interests above yours? And the fact that you don’t love yourself and don’t respect. time allow it all? And there he goes, loves herself, and appreciates.

And you’re sitting in tears, and think: normal”> «How to get back ex-boyfriend?”

I advise you to think twice: is it worth it to return? Do you need this and why?

After all, if he’s not satisfied, you thought about breaking up, so why return? True anything she wanted.

And if you could not breathe, suffered all, gave him everything, so maybe it’s time to think about yourself? All that is done, all the better.

For example, still want to bring the boy back. Think about it: what for? You want to feel that you still didn’t? You want to entertain feelings? You without it can’t breathe? You don’t know how to live without it (forgot how)? Herself answer, not girlfriends or mom: for what?

Now, trust me, it’s not all his reasons to return! Here love-and does not smell. There is selfishness, pride, addiction, but not love. What love in your understanding?

If you still got it in my head that I love and want to know how to get back boyfriend after breakup . try at least the offer.

Action plan how to bring the boy back if he dumped you?

normal”>Take care of yourself, what you like, enjoy your life. Go to relax, change the setting, go out with friends.

So you take off with the importance of the return process. Your thoughts are not the way to bring the boy back, and the pleasure from life. You will be happy with what you have. and the problem may disappear by itself: or he’ll call, arrange a meeting, or are you just one day discover that you very well without it, or you meet another person.

I usually took place in the second and third options. A Holy place is never empty. And someone first option: plea guy about meeting just for a minute.

normal”>Learn to be happy without a guy, whatever it was, this or next.

If it is not to learn, then the next guy – following your rake. All goes under the same scenario: met, became attached, can’t breathe ” gone… Why? Because you lost yourself. Why are you unhappy ?

If back in your former state as you did not know how to be happy, and have not learned, it will be long it won’t be long. He did so, and it’s stuffed mouth. Postalicious a couple of weeks or months, and that’s enough.

normal”>Learn to appreciate and love yourself.

Without these qualities you will come across another drone or a tyrant will clearly indicate that you don’t love yourself and appreciate it. How to love yourself ?

To make impossible to respect yourself if you don’t respect yourself!

Why leave your boyfriend is, you can only know. They each have their own reasons. If it is gone it is for this reason, until you learn to love yourself, you will in any case not to return.

Analyze why it happened or why this is happening constantly.

Nothing in this world is accidental. You created the situation. Ask herself what, what thoughts, actions you created the problem. This must be done in order not to get into a similar situation again.

Forgive your ex-boyfriend.

Yes, he hurt you, but because you will be angry with him will be worse for you. forgiveness will give you peace of mind and the desire to live without him. Use the technique of forgiveness. Helps great to remove emotional pain.

What not to do if you get dumped by your boyfriend?

normal”>you Cannot call, write SMS-Ki, die, and go crazy.

If it’s gone, your obsessive calls will only irritate him more and don’t want to see you.

Your death will be worse than just you and your loved ones, but not him.

normal”>you Cannot threaten that you’ll commit suicide.

It’s blackmail to anything good will not. He will either still, or he will come, but through power. In the latter case he will be bad with you.

normal”>you Cannot press on pity, telling them how bad you feel without him.

So you’ll just amuse his EGO and all.

normal”>you can’t hit on a spree, go astray.

No alcohol, no drugs, no casual sex won’t do any good. Only harm to the health. Here then will be what to do: to be treated.

normal”>you Cannot retaliate.

Some “knowledgeable” people believe that every woman must take revenge, otherwise she is not a woman. Bullshit!

What is revenge? This desire to make people hurt like he did to me.

Let’s say you find a way and will hurt him. What’s next? He crumble in gratitude? She also understands that there is. He will suffer and curse you, i.e. to send you angry angry thoughts. No one was okay with being his curse. From such words and thoughts people have ruined health.

What if he also wants to get revenge? Vicious circle: like attracts like!

And how much you will spend energy on nurturing plan of revenge and the revenge?

Genereral better positive energy, and people will come to you!

normal”>you Cannot bewitch.

I understand that when light is not nice without a loved one, you want to return it in any way. Many have turned to his grandmother for a love spell.

Not generally advised. The spell and violence over the soul of man, he begins to do things you don’t want. Eventually it turns into a person you don’t know, because he has a kind of split personality. He wants one, and do another under the influence of unknown forces. After many such actions start to hurt or become alcoholics.

From such consequences you just will not be better.

normal”>If he did come back, don’t tell him how it was bad.


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