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How to make so that you have seduced themselves
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Strategy male or how to behave with a girl (woman)

Nothing prevents to become a man, as a colleague!

Sperm Alex Leslie

Each of us, men, spewing during intercourse about ten million sperm!

Every woman just one egg!

Already at this level implements the strategy of selecting the best due to the limitations and con – competition. The most healthy, energetic and

very original!

Fact. If women with a permanent men can sometimes be a contact with a new partner, then, as a rule, she becomes pregnant from the new.

The male is the effect on the natural instincts of women. Therefore, this strategy becomes unconscious strategy of choice. That is choice, which is carried out on the basis of her momentary desires, passions, feelings. The male she is given unexpectedly, and her husband – in a tremendous preparations!

When near elite male, she feels that he is strong and he will fuck her. Often she wants to feel incapable of resistance. Not only physically, but also the psychiatric – ski. The male does not necessarily correspond to its criteria of the perfect man, he may not be her type, and she may not understand it, and it is not necessary. What does she see in him, why she gave herself to him? He does not what she says but what he wants! She wants a male that will relieve her of the responsibility and will give her the opportunity to relax and have fun. He’s going to fuck her, even where it is not accepted, and she will be happy. She chooses him, relying on momentary desire, passion, love. Sagasta – WAN her unconscious part is the feelings, emotions, passion, excitement, instincts. What a woman of her inconsistency very rarely can explain.

Elite male in nature are never fed woman. A lot of husbands. In the pack of sea lions elite function in male reproduction. Elite male is strong, he is able to pick up the food from the weak, including women and children. It does not cause censure until he has that right, that is, until you need it females. Once it is unable to perform his functions, he may even be expelled from the flock as waste material.

Therefore, once you want to invite a girl to a cafe, to take her to restaurants, think about what natural instincts cause you. If you think so, you seduce her, that’s not true. She’s using you, gives you hope for sex, something is getting from you in return.

From the point of view of the formation of feelings properly would be to take the females food. That is, to do the same things that make elite males in flocks of animals. Naturally, if you are rude will consume females something: “GIVE me something to CHEW on, BITCH!” – then perhaps it will have natural desires and instincts, but it will repel her from you from a social point of view. While I was doing that and achieved that girl laughed at the same time. Needs to be smarter.

“Let me, I will bite off a small piece of sausage.

Say it politely and courteously and without waiting for an answer, cut off a piece of salami out of her dish in the restaurant. Of course, she pays for herself. You’re not her sponsor and benefactor to pay for it. On the other hand, it is important to understand that as soon as you give her FOOD, she’ll be seen as a breadwinner-HUSBAND and seducing her will be much harder.

Keep in mind that in our Russian society is not immoral when you don’t pay for it! In different layers of the society, for your information, there are different opinions on this issue! But still the average people believe that right – to pay! And of course, the next time you’re sitting with her in the cafe, you will feel that you have to pay for it. You will think that or you’ll hurt her feelings! Otherwise you will lose her. And want to change nothing and just in case to make like they used to! Now, I want you to know that there is a MORAL to the HUSBAND DESTROYS YOUR BRAIN! You cannot change anything in yourself, if you continue to act on the principle of “above all, do not spoil tit”! The importance of women for you yet too big, you’re not ready to experiment! The basic principle of the GAME is not yet embedded in your brain! So you must, have Vice – dit these words that I now especially for you write: “Honey, have you ever paid for a guy? If you want to make me feel good, pay me!” And I want you to understand that it’s not about money! But the fact that it works is surprisingly powerful! She must be willing to pay for you not out of pity, not because you have enough money. Money you have a lot! Make her treat you that way, how to supercinema the male. How to gold!

My friend asked:

– But I had a case when with a girl I met and took her to restaurants, cafes, danced with her and gave her the flowers and then she told me it gave the same night!

– It was not given for the fact that you drove and paid, and DESPITE the FACT that you gave it to her and courted. DESPITE the FACT that you were put down in front of her, YET SHE GAVE YOU!

The fact is that usually a strategy of seduction a woman chooses, she is Oprah shared, what trajectory you move. It checks: what you’re up to?

Once her mind signals that you will be well able to feed and clothe, you’re a man. Unconscious instincts about you stop working. She begins to search for available males, for whom hunting other women. Yes not you, it’s your friend who doesn’t want to pay for women and feed them.

One day my student was sitting in a cafe. We met with g – coy, and my friend hooked on her ears.” It is, throaty voice he tells her:

“I love giving girls pleasure and feel how they become happy.

She spread out on the chair from bliss, and here I speak only a few words, after which she nearly choked.

“I like it when girls make me nice, so I was happy!

At this time, he wanted to say, but she almost choked, gagged him!

She (he):

– Wait! – Me: “What, you don’t talk about girls?

– No, usually they are taking care of me, and I very well feel about them!

! This is wrong! A man should treat a woman!

Then she clung to me with questions and was angered, forgot about my friend. He was no longer interesting, although she gave himself to touch and kiss. To communicate she wanted with me, and it was just sverkhvozbuzhdeniyu that I’m not honest with women.

After a while I slyly looked at her, quietly under the table, took off my Shoe and started rubbing her leg with his. She didn’t resist, she provoked it. I went on, my leg was between her legs. And she pretended that nothing was happening.

Then she went to the bathroom I followed her and took her phone, made an appointment, which then took place in my house with rough sex.

According to the results of the Dating my friend paid her bill and took her phone. She gave the phone to a male because I wanted sex with him, passion. And my HUSBAND, because he fed her. She’d like to eat for sure!

As a result she and the male had sex. She’s still on the phone said as he, and immediately came home.

When my HUSBAND called, she did her best to seriously worry about the protesters from date.

MALE influenced instincts. And the HUSBAND on the mind!

SUMMARY: the Strategy of the male affects a woman’s desire to get the best gene. This impact on the unconscious feelings, inciting passions, agony, sexual desire. This strategy, leading to the fact that the woman herself does not understand why going crazy. This strategy, based on the provocations of the unconscious, feelings and instincts! Strategy husband built on dealing with the female mind. Persuasion, conviction, proof, courtship, sponsorship strategy husband. Never forget, as said by Charlie Chaplin: “a Woman can make a millionaire any man-billionaire”.