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Why men cheat on their wives causes of male infidelity

The instinct of the hunter or the assertion in the men’s cheating wives?

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“Still, let’s try to understand, but is there some scientific basis of male treachery?” — offered chief accountant Irina. Our statistician Lida told that dry according to figures cheating on their wives more than seventy percent of men. Even developed a special classification of men

according to some “categories”, which occur according to the man’s infidelity.

Psychologists say that conventionally men who are cheating on their “parts” can be divided into several groups.

Such men a little, but still they are leading their lists of “high scores” striving to achieve sexual intimacy with the largest possible number of women. Why do they need these? For some strange, only driven them why they believe that such behavior is the only way to establish themselves in life, to achieve something, to feel needed, essential and strong. Such evidence they need constantly, in marriage, naturally, they fully do not receive (because the family – not just sex!), so married are rare, and the people are very aptly called “womanizer”. As potential victims, they consider everything that is “moving”, and how they speak of themselves, the scope for their activities is expanding every year (“older Brides and grooms all the same”).

Sexy avenger

Being the bossy wife “under the heel” in subordinate tyrant boss, and having experienced once, perhaps even in the distant youth, offensive failure at love field, men begin to “retaliate” to all women as a class. They are trying to hurt the woman as much resentment, breaking her heart just the same as ever broke him. The reason of sexual revenge can become and the higher the position of the wife in the family (including her income). Seeing that in ordinary life he is insolvent, the man in sexual life trying to gain recognition from a large number of women to be higher in my eyes. With such mistresses Avengers treated ruthlessly, often took it out on them all their problems, and eventually brutally throw them. From the family they rarely leave, fearing further worsen their bad financial condition.

A separate category dedicated men who are in their families leaders, providing a very comfortable existence for all households. This is especially true for residents of cities, where men can achieve a high social status and great wealth. As soon as the family pushes the head of the family only on the role of provider and provider, he begins sorely missed spiritual intimacy and normal human communication. Here are the oligarchs, the deputies and the Director-General himself “vents” in the form of friends, who are, as a rule, financially and socially independent, and the values in it, as it seems, only masculine qualities. Unfortunately, the family “formal” leaders often fall apart, if only the wife will not find in himself the wisdom of restoring the closeness and emotional connection.

“Five minutes of sex and two hours of talks”

As a variation of the preceding paragraph, that is, sexual relations on the side as a result of the lost binder spiritual threads psychologists have identified a situation when, having his wife-saw or wife is a shrew, men have a mistress as a “vest”. This can be about despot-chief to tell, and the disease starting to complain. And tell his wife ” what’s the point? ‘re going to tell me: “I told you so, I warned you!”. Intimate girlfriend-mistress unknowingly help strengthen the families of these men returning home after comforting conversations and rebound sex, the man feels peaceful and happy, and life beside obnoxious and quarrelsome wife does not seem unbearable to him.

Men look at the causes of cheating ↑

In the midst of heated discussions in our office came the driver of the chief Gennady, attractive and cheerful man, as they say, in the Prime of life. Naturally, he was immediately subjected to cross-examination, and of course, at first he indignantly denied any awareness of male adultery. But they resorted feminine charms, and here is what Gennady has told to us. His point of view you can certainly be called subjective, but still we thought she was reflecting the opinion of the vast majority of men. It was interesting and very informative!

Instinct “the bored hunter” ↑

90% of men who cheated on their wives, doing this is not for lack of love or any other feelings, not because of financial or psychological dependence. Simply love “speechless”, which we all have in adolescence and persists for some time after his marriage, eventually subsides, domestic issues come to the fore and routine care are beginning to afflict with monotony. Here begins “the hunt”, an adrenaline-pumping their risk and overcoming various difficulties. And the fact that the risk is present and difficulties such lovers enough, no doubt. Remember the words of the famous song: “We could serve in intelligence, we could be in a movie…”? The risk of being caught, caught on the “crime scene” and the fear of what the forbidden relationship will be revealed, spurs, causes the heart to beat faster, adds spice to monotonous life.

And no remorse? ↑

“Do not feel guilty in front of his wife?” — indignantly asked our “defendant” Oksana, accountant, the appearance of the model. Own suspicions of infidelity of her husband, she explained exactly is because of the need for a thrill. “Hurts, of course,” — confessed Gennady, — “So the wife doesn’t have anything to be infringed, either materially or emotionally, in the family all should be fine!”

“Yeah”, — we think — so they are trying to make amends!” Therefore, in families, on the part of the seemingly perfect, and where the wife is clever, beautiful, and obedient children prodigies, there are cases of seemingly unexplained male adultery. But now we all know the details!

It is these bored men invented a lot of sayings about men’s infidelities, which were intended to justify the fact of treason and make it irrelevant: “Leftist strengthens marriage”, “it’s Not every day black bread to eat, and sometimes want the white” (soup and soup”, “sweet and salty”).

One adventurous spoke about his “leftist bends” so: “Personally, I walk to again and again to ensure that my wife is the best!”, and when he was asked: “do you love your wife?”, answered – “of Course I do, but it is worse than others?” Needless to say, men full contradictions!

“Isn’t that men repent of their adultery, don’t regret doing it?” — we asked our unwitting adviser Gennady. “Repent, but only when the betrayal is revealed”, — he replied, — “in fact, the problem starts not when cheated on, and when caught!” To add here, as they say, nothing. Almost all the infidelity in such families are not disclosed ever, and it shows how careful men and how they still value family ties. We women should think about it – and whether, having revealed the fact of treason “boredom”, to roll up a big stink and bring the matter before the divorce? Probably not, it is better to remember that men are inexplicable creatures, and all that appears to us like a universal catastrophe for them is in a few words: “It’s not what you think!” Now you know what’s really, really not “that”!

Throughout the discussion, and many questions and answers accountant Galina, elegant and bright middle-aged lady, for some reason remained silent. “Galina Vladimirovna, take part in debates!”, — we began to persuade her, to which she replied: “My opinion is simple – if the wife for the husband is always interesting, attractive, refers to it with attention and respect, and men of treason “for a change” is not required. You just need to create this variety at home!”

Truer words were never spoken! Yes, it’s hard, but who said that the family is easy? All the time you need to be and actress, and Director, but as said the great Rabindranath Tagore, marriage is an art, and needs to be updated every day! To be different, unpredictable, mysterious – is that we women can’t do?