Tour a Romantic date!
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Tour a Romantic date!
  The program of the tour: a Romantic date! Day 1. Lviv 15:00 – Excursion "Only in Lviv!" . For a start, we will visit the Cathedral of St. George is one of the most…


Topics to talk about with girl

Conversation topics with a girl

What to say to a girl when you first met?

As soon as the question is put so, this means that you exchanged phone numbers and she agreed to meet with you. Such developments should boost your moral self-esteem. But you are right, this is just the first step on a steep and high stairs building relationships. Now you need to prepare for the next and think about what to say to a girl on a date – so that this date was not the first and the last.

Actually topics of conversation with a girl the same lot, and as for

conversation with a man they just, these topics are somewhat different. Here is your magic wand is: movies, theatrical productions, new books or publications, just some events and activities in your city.

You say that they were not interested, and know nothing about it? Allow it. But you asked a question not about what is easier, and that it is better to talk to the girl when they met, and I will answer this question – regardless of like or dislike you the answer. Yes, you will have to look on your first meeting as to the examination paper in which you propose to choose one of the available topics of conversation with a girl, and to which you must prepare. Read the brochures, posters, short review everything that might somehow clarify to you the subject of a future conversation. And don’t forget what we talked about in previous material: the confusion in your first meeting you will experience not only you, but she. So if you on something stumble – she will gladly help you.

Please read the following confession:

“Before you go on our first meeting, I premeditate topics about which I will speak to her, and at first everything went perfectly. But at some point I suddenly stalled. In my head was full of emptiness, and I could not find a single word. A few minutes we were both silent, in utter bewilderment. In the end, I said, “You know, I think I just snapped. I have no idea what else to say. You just figure it out, otherwise you will lose me forever!” I knew it was a stupid template, attack from some movie, but she, however, laughed. After that we both became freer.”

How else to help you find topics to talk about with a girl?

And now I want to share with you one secret. There is a way that will allow you to accurately understand not only what you need to talk to any girl on the first date, but something that you can talk to every girl at any meeting at all. The famous Carnegie said the most interesting conversationalist we believe that person who speaks to us about yourself, and about ourselves. In other words, the best conversation topics with a girl is a topic about her! You say, “But I don’t know her!” This is hiding a secret, which I mentioned above.

Do not break your head over how you sort out and understand what exactly should I say girl instead, ask her questions! About her, about her family, what she likes to do and what she can’t stand to do.

No girl will not make a secret of the fact, if she likes to go for any workout in the gym or she prefers to spend the evening watching TV or a book. She calmly answer the question about whether she had brothers or sisters, living or even her grandparents. Most likely, she herself will be pleased to tell you that their home has some hairy chetveronogo, a fish tank or pair of budgies…

However, it is assumed that you will ask your questions carefully and sensitively, and not spend the kind of interrogation. You now understand that the topic of conversation with any girl you will do well to learn from the girl.

What is a good method questions? What you better know the other person – and thus facilitate further communication with him.

What not to say to a girl?

Not to mention when the girl of their friends (former or current) of the female sex, and especially, do not perform comparisons between them. Comments like: “my friend the same boots, in black only” or “And my co-worker is getting his hair cut the same way as you” do not bring your girl delight in and relate to what not to say to a girl is neither in the introduction nor in the continuation of it. The reports that yesterday robbed your neighbors, your friend broke his arm in training or you have received your bill in the light that you are not able to pay, we also put into the category of things that are not worth talking to the girl.

In General, the topic of money, be quite careful. Statements like: “I would take you to this restaurant, but I don’t have that kind of money!” or “would have Been my money, where would we with you did not go!” is a red rag to a bull. Or, in other words, – phrases you can’t say she even threatened penalty (provided, of course, that you don’t want this girl to lose is firmly and permanently). Rest assured: she will take care of itself, where you are able to ask her now, and where you will be able to ask her in a few years – and then only on condition that you will find under the Apple tree in the garden hidden away there great grandfather dispossessed chest. It also very soon will realize how you are generous or, on the contrary, avaricious.

In addition to complaints about the lack of money to phrases that you cannot tell a woman under any circumstances, without any hesitation you need to include those who comment on her appearance. Namely: “In blue you’re so much better”, “This lipstick doesn’t look good, From your perfume can head ache”…

I understand that you will never say to your girlfriend all of the above, and in this form. Exaggeration I needed to explain that everything written above, we cannot say she even kindly and gently, and even as a joke.

What to say to a girl in bed?

If we’ve talked about what and what not to say to a girl on a date, the more we need to understand what you can and cannot talk to the girl in bed. Psychologists tell us that a candy called “sex” women are much more appreciative of a beautiful, charming wrap from the words, which man is capable (or not capable) this candy wrap. You remember the secret mentioned above? Yes, that need to ask the girl more questions about her. Well. If you followed this advice, you will find absolutely no uncertainties about what to say to a girl in bed. Talk to her about what she likes and wants to talk! So her subconscious will include you in the list of those people, concepts and feelings that give her joy and pleasure.

The compliments

I anticipate your question. You’re right – we never said the words “compliment”! They are not in fashion, they are useless, the girls are not interested to listen to them? Still as I wonder still what a great good, and even in fashion!

In class on etiquette French boys is trained in the same evening nine different ways to Express the girl a compliment about her hats. Difficult to imagine how many ways they are, in this case, save for the eyes or lips.

In other words, you see that nice you can say to a girl in any situation, for absolutely any occasion, and more than once. Compliments remained and remain to be the most unbeaten topics of conversation with a girl. Try to remember this the next time you again will drive to a standstill thought about what to say to a girl when they meet.